December 22, 2014

Jaguar Devours the Road, and Competition!


Jaguar is messing around with its competitors in an ad campaign that was created in Canada to promote Jaguar’s Performance Range. The campaign is titled “Devour the Road”, with the main visual being the logos of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi made out of food. Love it!

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Nissan Goes Zorbing!

Nissan Note CarZorb 6

Keen to demonstrate the safety shield features in its Note, Nissan created this marketing stunt that involved rolling one of its cars downhill in a gigantic zorb. The #CarZorb is a new campaign that showcases the safety in the Note, and to do so, Nissan created a zorb with 6 meter in diameter ...

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Golfing on the Wing of a British Airways Plane

Golfer Justin Rose  plays a shot from the wing of a British Airways Boeing

British Airways challenged Golfer Justin Rose, along with few other celebrities, to hit a 160-yard target while standing on one of the wings of a Boeing 746, following to this challenge, BA donated 10 airline tickets to Justin Rose’s charity, and seems like he was busy promoting his Dubai ...

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Jerry Seinfeld on Advertising

Jerry Seinfeld Clio Speech 2

Over the years, Jerry Seinfeld had many great jokes about advertising, but his acceptance speech last night at the Clios is perhaps one of the best rants about the advertising industry, he summed up the ad world perfectly and described the whole thing as a world of lies that people love, ...

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Casino: A New Viral Video Starring Volvo Truck

Inspelning av Volvo reklamfilm i San Remo

Volvo Trucks are back with yet another cool marketing stunt, a new viral video emerged today featuring a prank at a Casino entrance in Italy, the hero of the video is a young valet worker who gets a rather unusual vehicle to valet, a brand new Volvo FH Truck! The idea of the video is... Read More

Celebrate the World Cup Victory like a Volkswagen!


German car maker Volkswagen is celebrating the victory of their national football team at the World Cup finale in Brazil, the company published a special video that marks the epic goal against Argentina, this video is perhaps the final video of a YouTube series that celebrated participating ...

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