October 2, 2014

Casino: A New Viral Video Starring Volvo Truck

Inspelning av Volvo reklamfilm i San Remo

Volvo Trucks are back with yet another cool marketing stunt, a new viral video emerged today featuring a prank at a Casino entrance in Italy, the hero of the video is a young valet worker who gets a rather unusual vehicle to valet, a brand new Volvo FH Truck! The idea of the video is... Read More

Celebrate the World Cup Victory like a Volkswagen!


German car maker Volkswagen is celebrating the victory of their national football team at the World Cup finale in Brazil, the company published a special video that marks the epic goal against Argentina, this video is perhaps the final video of a YouTube series that celebrated participating ...

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Toyota’s Upgrade Specialist Joins the World of Superheros!


They say superheros emerge only when we need them, they are destined to save the world from all kinds of villains, including boredom and lethargy, and even if it’s done indirectly, like Toyota’s “Upgrade Specialist” Ali Al Sayed, the world needs it! This year, Toyota is ...

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Creator of #BuyMyVolvo Ad is back with #LOLVO!


Last month Swedish Art Director Christoffer Castor created an awesome ad to sell his 1993 Volvo 245GL, and seems like Volvo was intrigued by this work to the point that they gave Castor a brand new V60 Sportswagon R-Design T6 AWD, we’re not sure if it was a gift, or if it was sent for... ...

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Kia Shows Americans what Real Football is!


With the World Cup around the corner, Kia decided to divert some attention to the big event in a country that calls Football by the wrong name! The Korean brand launched a series of TV Commercials featuring Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima to do the job. The ads pursue Americans to become fans ...

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How to trick Rival Football Fans to have fun together


I like this stunt by Coke, it was performed at the San Siro stadium in Milan, home of an ongoing derby that divides the city, the idea comprised 2 vending machines, each one was placed on the one of stadium sides, these machines allows anyone to share a Coke can with a fan of the... Read More

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