In the social network appeared the film “Over the horizon” dedicated to a blind photographer from Russia who took part in the Olympic torch relay in Korea.

Despite the massive expulsion of Russian athletes at the 2018 Olympic Games, we already have a participant who will represent our country. A blind photographer from Yekaterinburg, Alexander Zhuravlev, was invited to South Korea, he was honored to bring the Olympic flame and introduce Russia as a torchbearer.

“There should be no borders, countries, nationalities for the Olympic flame …” – the hero of the film says.

Alexander Zhuravlev became one of the few Russians who was honored to deliver the Olympic torch to the venue of the games. This important event is devoted to a short documentary film, directed by Ivan Sosnin from the Red Pepper Film studio. The picture was created with the support of Samsung.

The film gives viewers an opportunity to think – “Are we so different?”. Unexpectedly for all, a simple man from Ekaterinburg becomes an ambassador of peace and unity on the eve of the largest international event.

The 2018 Winter Olympics will be held from 9 to 25 February in Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea. Russian Olympians will perform on them under a neutral flag.

A blind torchbearer from Russia at the Olympic Games in South Korea

Production by Red Pepper Film
Special thanks to Samsung Mobile Russia, Cheil Russia
Director: Ivan Sosnin
DOP: Egor Kas
Producer: Yana Smaylova
Creative Producer: Danil Golovanov
Main character: Alexander Zhuravlev
Film editing: Ivan Sosnin, Dmitriy Mishin
Color grading: Andrey Hudyakov, Egor Myasnikov
Sound: Vlad Kistner
Music: Starcardigan – Taxi
Project manager: Juliya Gudkova
Cheil Russia: Dmitri Yusov, Tatyana Chepko

A blind torchbearer from Russia at the Olympic Games in South Korea

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