“Bin Ali” “Mergers and Acquisitions in the Industry is an imperative need for growth and expansion

(Abu Dhabi, October 5th, 2011) Etisalat has participated on an executive panel discussion on the challenges and obstacles recently faced the acquisitions and mergers movement in the region on the sideline of Telecom World Middle East Conference 2011.

Addressing Telecom World Middle East 2011

Addressing Telecom World Middle East 2011

Engineer /Bin Ali touched the basic features of mergers and acquisitions strategies pursued by telecommunications companies to create a stimulating environment for the industry, in addition to the necessary ingredients for the success of such strategies by seizing the right opportunities and overcome challenges that accompany such operations.

He added “acquisitions and mergers in the telecommunications industry today has become an imperative need to expand and provide new opportunities for growth, as well as to diversify sources of income, especially after the saturation the sector has recently witnessed besides, the intensification of competition among the big players and the outbreak of a price war between the different sides of the equation.

Addressing Telecom World Middle East 2011

Addressing Telecom World Middle East 2011

Engineer/ Bin Ali stated “appropriate opportunities became very diminutive compared to demand in the market now. Etisalat has put all its efforts and expertise to achieve sustainable development through the provision of modern infrastructure and appropriate mechanisms to improve the performance of various sectors in all countries in which it operates.

Bin Ali continued “Etisalat always keeps abreast of developments in the telecommunications industry. The extend of the network of fiber-optic advanced work to provide the proper environment for the development and use of modern applications and value added services marked a true presentations to what Etisalat provides to its customers. He added “3 million Kilometer is already connected in UAE with FTTH with an aim to cover the whole the UAE by year-end 2011. Lately Etisalat has launched the fourth-generation services commonly known as LTE as the first of its kind in the region providing high-speed connection, in a very short time and at competitive cost besides preserving the energy consumption.

Bin Ali concluded, “Etisalat always initiates new business models, laws and regulations to meet the fast pace development in the industry; through the participation of all stakeholders in the telecommunications sector, directly or indirectly, especially today we are witnessing the era of transformation and integration between the of telecommunications, media and information technology, which requires extensive studies on best practices in the provision of integrated services , frameworks and corporate governance to enable an environment of information technology and communications, besides stimulating investment and business growth in these sectors.

Participated in the Conference of the World Middle East Telecom this year a group of experts in the telecommunications industry and decision makers in additions to number of dignitaries and officials in the telecommunications sector from Middle East, Asia and Africa. It hosted over 500 experts in telecommunications sector from around 90 regional Telecom companies to address strategies on strengthening revenue growth and future investments.


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Addressing Telecom World Middle East 2011

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