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12 March 2018 – ADFEST has unveiled its final four sessions, which complete this year’s Craft@ADFEST (21 – 22 March) and Creative@ADFEST (23 – 24 March) programs. ADFEST 2018 takes place at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, Thailand, and the full program can be viewed at

A.I.DEA – Riding the Wave of China’s Tech Revolution, presented by Adams Fan, Founder & CCO of F5 in Shanghai

Wednesday 21 March, 3:15 pm

One of China’s most awarded creative leaders is coming to ADFEST 2018 to explain why China will play a leading role in the AI revolution. “AI relies on machine learning, which is fed by data. There are 750 million mobile users in China, and tech companies are heavily investing in R&D. As a result, China will match the West in three years when it comes to AI,” explains Fan, who is Founder and CCO of F5, Shanghai. Showcasing uniquely Chinese case studies from Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu, Fan will explain how Chinese brands are using tech to push creative boundaries. Fan’s creative credentials are impressive: he was the most awarded Chinese creative leader at the 2017 Cannes Lions awards, winning three Lions for Baidu’s “Know You Again” campaign.

Hacking Mobile Storytelling, presented by Rafael Guida, Head of Facebook Creative Shop, Southeast Asia

Thursday 22 March, 10:45 am

The mobile format is nothing new, but it hasn’t been cracked when it comes to storytelling – at least, that’s the view of Facebook’s Rafael Guida, who is presenting a session at ADFEST 2018 in which he’ll explain why the mobile format is such a tricky platform for storytellers. For decades, radio, print and TV changed minimally, allowing advertisers to master storytelling on those platforms. “Mobile on the other hand, changes constantly – on Facebook we have had hundreds of different formats since inception, which makes the medium difficult to master. You need to understand the user behavior and craft towards that, instead of a specific format,” he explains.

Originally from Brazil, Guida graduated in Digital Design and has worked across advertising agencies in Sao Paulo, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong for the past 13 years. In the process, he’s won over 100 international accolades, including Cannes, D&AD, Clios, One Show and Effies.

The Craft of Joseph Kahn – a conversation with Korean-American filmmaker, Joseph Kahn, hosted by Julie Thomas-Toda, Creative Producer at AOI Pro. Inc. in Tokyo

Thursday 22 March, 4.45 pm

AOI Pro. Inc.’s Julie Thomas-Toda will chat to Joseph Kahn about his explosive success as one of the world’s most influential filmmakers of pop culture today. Based in Los Angeles, Kahn will discuss his personal obsession with creating visual connections and his uncanny ability to keep a pulse on pop culture, while shifting creative gears and genres between music videos, commercials and feature films.  He has worked with some of the world’s biggest artists such as U2, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce, to name a few, and recently collected his eighth MTV VMA Video of the Year Award for Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”. He has also directed ads for clients including Samsung, Adidas, Johnny Walker, BMW, Mercedes, Budweiser and Bacardi. Born in Hawaii, Thomas-Toda joined AOI Pro. Inc in 1991 where her passion for film craft has led the company to become a leader in collaborating with international creative professionals and filmmakers.

Breaking Bad. How to Transform a Brand Without Destroying its Legacy, presented by Dominique Touchaud, and Vidya Murthy, Associate Brand Directors at Procter & Gamble Asia

Friday 23 March, 10:45 am

Taking inspiration from the famous TV series, ‘Breaking Bad’, P&G’s Dominique Touchaud and Vidya Murthy will discuss the challenge of constant reinvention. Brands and agencies are under pressure to ‘disrupt’, but do they have to break the rules to stay relevant? Brands face a tension between evolving to stay current, or resting immobile to stay true to brand (at risk of stagnating). Touchaud and Murthy will shed light on how some P&G brands have resolved this tension through creativity – and how some did not! The challenge, they say, is “knowing how many rules to break and how many to keep”. Touchaud has worked with agencies in Germany and France, later moving client side to become head of global advertising for Swatch. He joined P&G’s expert group of Brand Building Integrated Communications 12 years ago and is now based in Asia, where he has been reborn as a digital native. Vidya has more than 14 years of experience building P&G brands in Asia. She believes that if you start with thinking about how you can truly improve consumers’ lives with your brand, business will follow. Spurred by this belief, she has been part of several award-winning and business-building campaigns that have won consumers’ hearts. She was one of 8 people featured by India’s leading business daily, the Economic Times, as India’s ‘Hottest Young Marketers’ in 2011.

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