This is not a normal hacking, Al-Arabiya News Channel lost its domain name after it was hacked by who are believed to be Shiites (Shia). So they didn’t manipulate the data of the website, but they moved the domain name to their possessions. The homepage of the website was replaced a bilingual warning message that said: “SERIOUS WARNING, If attacks on Shia WebSites Continue, none of your WebSites Will be SAFE.” along with an image of a burning Israeli flag.

According to their website, which has been moved to, the team of Al-Arabiya is now trying to trace the hackers, and to redeem the previous domain name. Al-Arabiya said the domain name was moved from the original domain registration company Network Solution, to a new owner on Go Daddy, how weird is that? How could someone steal your domain name!

I was reading on Gulf New that the BBC reported during Ramadan that more than 300 Shiite websites were hacked by Sunni hacker groups, including a website of Ayatollah Ali Sistani of Iraq. One of the groups responsible, reported the BBC, was a UAE based group called ‘XP’.

So it’s an official digital war.

Al Arabiya loses its domain name to a group of hackers and moves to a new one

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  • Qwaider قويدر

    In other words, the stupid Admins on Al Arabiya ALLOWED it to happen! This is dumber than dumb!
    Anyway, the law doesn’t allow anyone to continue with such a fraudulent exchange and it would be returned to Al Arabiya in no time.

  • Samer Marzouq

    I’m a godaddy customer, couple of days ago I transferred a domain name to another account, I got three confirmation e-mails, in each one I got they said if you want to cancel please do now, so I wonder how did this happened, unless they hacked the e-mail that Al-Arabiya uses for domain registration account.

    Or an insider was part of it.

    But by all means, it’s really scary!

  • عدنان

    طبعا ابو عرب ساذج ومغفل وكل ما يلزم هو ان يقوم عملاء الموساد بتخريب بعض المواقع السنية والشيعية وابو عرب ما في اشطر منو بالفزعات الجنونية. مثل ما عملوا في العراق. الله يخرب بيت ابوعرب شو جحش وغبي.

  • Insider - in Network Solutions

    I am sure an insider in Network Solutions or Alarabyia was behinde this attack. I wonder also how the whois information on Gadaddy shows ownership from 1999 !!! that is also strange.
    This is basically a strange hacking and new days will reveal what happened.

    I also wonder, if they do not own the , how can they redirect it to Alarabiya.TV… can someone explain !!!

  • Samer Marzouq

    Adnan, sad but true!

    tami, yea, I totally freaked out when I heard it, take good care of yours :)

    Insider, it’s a bit mysterious, but I’m sure an insider is involved. I too thought about the redirection thing, but thought it could be that Network Solution and Godaddy agreed to do the redirection temporarily until the case is solved, maybe, I’m not sure.

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