As the real-estate industry is growing in Jordan, real-estate specialized media are being launched to serve this industry offering advertisers the media tool to reach their target audience. Print sector witnesses the birth of two real-estate newspapers this year, Amlak and Aqarcum, both are weekly, tabloid and being distributed for free.

Amlak was launched on February 2006 as the first Jordanian real-estate newspaper; the design and colors of the newspaper is so neat and well organized, the font they are using in their logo is nice. The content of the newspaper is real-estate oriented and contains local and regional news, legal advice, home technology, home decorations and classifieds.

Amlak attracted lots of big names to advertise in it, banks such as Arab Bank and Standard Chartered are promoting their housing-loans offers in it, big property investment companies such as Ayla and Tala Bay are almost there in every issue, in addition to all that, furniture houses are advertising in the newspaper. Amlak comprises lots of ads and classifieds but I believe they need to present more content. I will assume that their target audience is A-level.

Aqarcum is a newly launched real-estate newspaper in Jordan; their first issue was in July 1st 2006 so I guess it’s too early to judge them. The design of this newspaper is not well organized; I felt that it’s crowded. I hate the paper they are using – I think it’s called glassy – even that it is journals official paper but I don’t like. When you see the logo you feel like it is a housing-company logo not a real-estate media since it looks like a house, for me I prefer an icon or symbol to be the logo instead of the full name of the organization.

The content of the Aqarcum is real-estate and constructions oriented, I sensed that they are targeting construction companies and offices as well not only consumers, the content includes constructions-materials prices, local and regional real-estate news, house technology, house decorations and a corner about poor people with houses that are far away from being houses. On the content level I believe Aqarcum is better than Amlak, but on advertising level Aqarcum need a lot of work to attract more big names from banking sector and property investments companies, they had Cairo Amman Bank, Bonyan, Emmar, Real Estate News Agency (RENA) and Mawared in the first issue, good but they have to get more advertising to survive.

Aqarcum have good number of classifieds and ads of house furniture and construction materials shops but on this level Amlak is better, unlike the content level. I will assume that Aqarcum target audience is B & C levels.

Speaking about real-estate media in Jordan I came across a real-estate web directory called At the end I would like to wish everybody good luck.

Jordan media | Amlak vs. Aqarcum

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  • مهند

    يا خوي لا ظل عقاركم ولا املاك الثنتيين عيدن وروحن ماهو الوظع مش مساعد ومدراهم الاثنين ما الهم علاقة بالصحافة ودابيين دب عالشغلة
    الله يجبر خاطرهن ويصيرو مدرا بمكان ثاني ويلاقو حدا يشغهلن

  • salem

    ya 7aram amlak …. jad Allah yojbor khaterhom maskeen ama aqarcom bestahlo la2nhom kano a7san men amlak bas ma 3erfo yemasho 7alhom jad saro el tenteen afals o kharbcom elman7oseen!!!!
    yefta7o shi tani yemken mt3am falafel a7san o mudara amak o akarcom be2o3do feeh a7sn

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