Amman City Blog Official Launch

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I really admire Amman Municipality for taking the initiative of having a blog, according to the press conference that was held earlier today, Amman is the first city in the Arab world to tap into the blogging world.

The blog looks promising, it will be a direct communication channel between the citizens and the Municipality, and hopefully it will attract more Jordanians to read and interact with the variety of topics that concern each one of us.

The design is neat and reflects the “look & feel” of Amman Municipality, and is equipped with social bookmarking buttons to spread the word out.

I believe it might be good to have an English interface with English-language posts just to showcase achievements and improvements in the city to a wider audience.

Congratulations to the Municipality and to Jeeran on the launch.

Amman City Blog Launch

Amman City Blog Launched

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  • amjad mahfouz

    had ismo 7aki sa7 … rock on amman

  • Dave

    I second the idea of an English language version. I would love to read it without it taking me an hour to translate a single paragraph. :)

  • 7ala

    Thank you Samer for writing about the launch of Amman City blog with the support of Jeeran.

    And thanks for coming to the event yestreday, it was good to see you :)

    We appreciate your support :)

  • Samer Marzouq

    ya amjad :)

    Dave I hope they do it, but man it’s time for you to start learning Arabic 😉

    7ala thanx for the invitation and it was my pleasure to attend.

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  • Laith Zraikat

    Thanks Samer.

    I support your idea of having an english version. It will open the door for dialogue with non-Arabic speaking audiences- possibly tourists who visit our beloved Capital City and want to share feedback. I hope this municipality will consider that after a while.

    Thanks for being a part of thie event.

  • Samer Marzouq

    I agree Laith, hopefully they will do it.

    Thanx :)

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