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Abu Dhabi, UAE, 23 July 2012 –AnaZahra.com welcomes Ramadan this year, with the launch of a dedicated section. The section, launched on the first day of Ramadan, is rich with interesting and informative content, providing women with essential guides to bring out the best of Ramadan this year, in a range of topics from health, to style, to cooking, as well as religious video-on-demand, Ramadan entertainment and a number of engaging competitions.

The Ramadan section is designed to be a comprehensive online reference destination for Arab women providing guides, creative ideas, news and instructional practices in a variety of topics, during the holy month of Ramadan. The section features a selection of delicious, daily recipes, Ramadan desserts, easy and innovative cooking ideas, and tips on all the ingredients your Ramadan menu should contain.
The style section provides ladies daily advices for their elegant Fashion and Beauty in Ramadan, and the health page nourishes the practices of healthy fasting.

Hala Al Gergawi, anaZahra Managing Editor said, “The step to launch the new section is part of the plan to further develop the scope of anaZahra’s editorial content and create an interactive online women’s community, covering all topics of interest for the women around the region. The new dedicated Ramadan section covers all topics related to the Holy Month, and provides our visitors with the support and knowledge to enrich their practices and the reward throughout the Holy Month. We are continuously striving to add new features and expand to new content, in order to maintain the high caliber of quality that our readers expect, and the new Ramadan section is no exception.”

As an addition to the new Ramadan section, anaZahra.com has invited Hanan Ahmed Al Qattan, a recognized young Islamic preacher, to present a series of 30 online video episodes, which advises on methods of bringing positive change to an individual’s mental health, in line with the principles of Sharia law. The unique series will be hosted daily on anaZahra throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan guiding viewers on the path to self-improvement.

Mira Abed-Rabbo, anaZahra expert nutritionist commented: “Food Habits change for many people during Ramadan month, especially in the first week as the body starts to get used to the withdrawal from food and drink and adapt to the long days of summer. In order to stay healthy, it is necessary to follow the correct food habits to avoid any complication to the body. AnaZahra readers will receive daily advice related to Ramadan nutrition, such as problems with poor digestion, constipation, and the effects of carbohydrates, in addition to dedicated advice for pregnant women and the people who suffer from hypertension and diabetes.”

The website achieved new levels of successes in June, with more than 1.2 million readers visiting the site and 33 million monthly page views. AnaZahra has also well established a social media presence with more than 476,000 Facebook fans and 13,000 followers on Twitter.

AnaZahra.com Ramadan Section

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AnaZahra.com Celebrates Ramadan with the Launch of ‘The ultimate Guide for the Holy Month’

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