London Video Rendezvous is a new event aimed at addressing concrete, practical issues
experienced by authoring and post-production houses, their client publishers and
independent distributors as they strive to serve a multi-screen, multi-platform, multi-standard
Taking place 18th June 2012, London Video Rendezvous will cover all the main technologies
currently under consideration, including cloud-based UltraViolet, disc-to-digital services and
Digital Copy. 3D conversion and delivery, including glasses-free technology, will be
examined, in addition to the opportunities and challenges associated with Blu-ray apps and
second screen experiences.
“No stone – virtual or physical – thrown at the creative community and their content-owning
clients – will be unturned,” comments Jean-Luc Renaud, conference organiser and DVD
Intelligence publisher. “London Video Rendezvous is a fresh arena where the creative
community, independent publishers and their service providers can engage in frank, plainspeaking,
no-holds-barred discussion about developments vital to their livelihood, now.”
While cloud-based digital access service UltraViolet is making inroads in the US, it remains
on the starting-block in Europe. But here, there is resistance in some quarters from those who
believe the case for UV has yet to be made. Jim Taylor, DECE’s Head of Technology and
Product Development – and the brain behind UltraViolet – will be in attendance. “If anyone
can bring reasoned answers to these questions, it must surely be Jim,” comments Renaud.
Edward Hall, Operations Manager at Channel 4, will share his experience of managing
consumer expectations surrounding digital copy. Industry veteran Steve Dann, CEO of
Berwick Post, will talk about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ 3D. Fabien Remblier, Co-Founder of BeeFree
and Producer and Director of the award-winning Une Nuit au Cirque 3D, will consider 3D
post-production. Andy Evans, MD of The Pavement will examine the economics of today’s
digital, post-production business and Andrew Elia, Founder of Arishi Media Technologies, will
show the opportunities presented by Augmented Reality to packaged media.
Lesley Johnson, Head of production at BBC Worldwide/2entertain, will talk about how the
UK’s largest independent publisher and distributor of DVD and Blu-ray approaches digital
copy, UltraViolet and other alternative delivery services. Bob Auger, President of Newmerique
will help provide perspective on the issues in hand. Previously Founder of Electric Switch,
one of Europe’s first DVD authoring facilities, Bob will consider the challenges faced by
authoring, production, digital facilities and rights owners in an environment where operators
and consumers are increasingly difficult to satisfy. More speakers will be announced.
A unique feature of this one-day event is the space it provides to showcase novel solutions
and applications that push the creative boundaries. The conference takes place at the BFI
Southbank (NFT3), fully equipped for 3D and AV services. “Facility houses will thus be able to
show clients the services they can offer, and clients will experience first-hand the potential
benefits these can bring,” explains Renaud. “We invite those who have developed original
services, apps and technologies, to come forward and join the debate.”
“London Video Rendezvous is borne out of the feedback and discussions I have had over
several months with facilities houses, independent publishers and distributors increasingly
alienated from expensive conferences which they can no longer afford to attend and which no
longer address their concerns in any case,” says Renaud. “Our event should go a long way to
remedy the situation.”
The conference is followed by a boat party on the Thames.
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