Job Description

Reports to: Restaurant Manager

Assist and manage all the operations of ‘Teayana’ restaurants in order to achieve the sale objectives in line with the company vision, mission, strategy and brand objectives.

Description & Performance Indicators

Policies, Processes and Procedures:
– Implement all the Company Policies, processes and procedures in order to ensure that the restaurant operations are conducted safely and productively in line with the business objectives.
– Compliance with company policies, processes and procedures
– Productivity and safety norms are met

Budgets and Plans:
– Provide input in the preparation of the annual sales and Operational plans and budgets and implement approved budgets in line with company approved variance
– Budgets are prepared timely and accurately in line with the Budget parameters and the annual timescales

Quality of Products and Services:
– Strictly comply with all quality norms for product preparation and services in order to ensure the customer is provided with quality products and services in line with company standards
– Compliance with company quality standards
– Consumer satisfaction with the quality of products and services

Restaurant Operations:
– Ensure that the restaurant operations are conducted efficiently in order to optimise all restaurant resources, meet brand objectives and provide customers with a fulfilling experience
– All restaurant resources are optimised in line with company norms
– Consumer satisfaction

Operational Cost Control:
– Investigate all aspects of operational costs in order to indentify ways and means of controlling F&B and teashop costs and improving the profitability of operations
– Cost control targets are met
– Profitability targets are met

Customer Service:
– Obtain feedback from customers and investigate customer complaints in order to study customer needs, resolve customer problems and provide customer satisfaction
– Customer needs have been identified
– Improvements implemented in customer service based on customer feedback
– Customer complaints have resolved promptly
– Customer satisfaction

MIS Reports:
– Restaurant MIS reports are prepared timely and accurately in order to provide Management with feedback for information and decision making
– Restaurant reports are reliable and are timely prepared

People Management:
– Manage restaurant staff in order to achieve all restaurant objectives through the selection, coaching, training motivation, and performance management of staff within the established HR processes within a safe and hygienic environment.
– Compliance with all HR processes including training and performance management within the approved timescales
– Restaurant objectives are achieved


– Management skills (Planning, organising and control)
– Communication skills
– Problem solving skills
– Interpersonal skills
– Team Leader

– Attention to detail
– Customer service orientation
– Cost conscious
– Trustful

– Graduate in Business Administration, Hospitality Management or Catering

– 4 to 6 years of F & B or Restaurant operations of which at least 3 years in a supervisory or Management role.


Graduate in Business Administration, Hospitality Management or Catering

About This Company

AMS Baeshen is one of the well established consumer products companies in Saudi Arabia headquartered in Jeddah and employing a staff of 450. The Company aggressively competes in the marketplace through its portfolio of fully owned brands that occupy leadership or strong number two positions in their categories. Some of the Company’s brands are: Rabea, Rabea Gold, Rabea Express, Rabea Green Tea, Lord, Abu Jabal and Bee Sugar. The Company’s core business is in the tea category with vertically integrated operations covering tea buying, blending, packing, distribution, selling and marketing. AMS Baeshen & Co.’s base market is Saudi Arabia but has been expanding in the region during the past few years with presence now in most of the Gulf and Levant markets. The Company is committed to a strategy of long term growth through the development of its core business and expansion into new geographies and categories.

The Company is managed by a team of professionals who combine the discipline and training of multinational companies with the entrepreneurial and results oriented culture of a privately owned company. The Company, being a private company that is both a brand owner and operator, is fully in control of its destiny. The people who will participate in making the future of the Company are people who are self motivated, comfortable in setting their own agenda and working independently, results-oriented, team players and of a high level of integrity and ethics.

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Assistant Restaurant Manager | AMS Baeshen & Co. – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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