In order to attract women, you first must understand them, a very basic insight that led to the launch of AXEperiments, an interactive online experiment on hot babes, the campaign is based on an interactive YouTube video where the viewer gets to experiment on some hot ladies to see what attracts them, things like Turkish Soap Operas, gifts, romance… etc. The campaign was launched by Digital Republic in Egypt following the global launch of the “Show Them The Way” campaign by AXE.

I love the AXE touch in advertising, they are one of my favorite advertisers ever :) check out this video and choose the following experiment:

Agency: Digital Republic
Creative Director: Karim A. Yusuf
Account Manager: Ismail Ternawly
Copywriters: Mohamed Ghazy, Mostafa Kerdani
Senior Digital Media Consultant: Hassan Daoud
Digital Media Planner: Ahdab Badr
Social Media Specialist: Ahmed El-Sadek
Director / Executive Producer: Mostafa Al Faramawy
DOP: Hussein Assar
Producer: Emad Khatab
Art Director: Ahmed Payez
Stylist: Anad Emam
Post Production House: Codex

Advertiser: AXE / Unilever
Brand Manager: Sarah Wali
Assistant Brand Manager: Marie Ibrahim

AXEperiments by AXE


AXE presents AXEperiments, the World’s First Interactive Experiment on Hot Women!

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