Batelco acquired Umniah!

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Batelco which is a Bahraini telecom company, which owns an ISP here in Jordan, has acquired Umniah the Jordanian mobile operator. The value of the deal was 415 US$.

This acquisition will boost the portfolio of the company here in Jordan, after they had the fixed-line licenses; Batelco has grown into a group of telecommunications companies and I believe they will compete with Jordan Telecom group on many levels.

As far as I knew Batelco had the fixed-line licenses more than a year ago and I was expecting to see them entering the market but nothing happened, I’ve attended a conference couple of weeks ago and I witness an aggressive argument between Batelco and Jordan Telecom about this issue, JT has been accused of delaying Batelco of launching the fixed-line service and JT of course defended them self, I enjoyed that fight :)

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  • Moey

    actually both are successful in my point of view so why not

  • samer

    Yea I agree with you, and I wish them all the luck against JT.

  • sash

    i think umniah is a very weak service provider company while batelco is a good service provider so i think umniah will do much better now

  • Samer Marzouq

    Yea but Umniah is new, but as you said they all suck.