Alliance for Cancer Research (APREC – Alliance Pour la Recherche en Cancérologie) has teamed up with eBay to create a one-of-a-kind charity campaign through bids, the campaign was created around Kylie Minogue who is sponsoring this charity.

The idea is open the floor for Kylie’s fans, and internet users in general, to choose a note from Crystallize, a new song she wrote especially for this campaign, and bid on that note on eBay, the song was decoded into 4408 notes and has attracted 1,282 bidders so far, generating more than 8,500 Euros.

The beauty of this campaign is the fact that it wasn’t built around an average celebrity endorsement, sure Kylie Minogue is an international superstar with a large fan base, but creating a song specifically for this campaign and using technology to engage fans in this way is really innovative!

The campaign can be viewed here:

The successful bidders will receive:
– The song “Crystallize” by Kylie Minogue, as a world preview
– Their name included in the credits of the song’s video
– Certificate for their note

Bidding for Charity: "One Note Against Cancer"

Campaign “One Note Against Cancer” CREDIT

President and co-fonder : Pr. Victor Izrael

Publicis Conseil :
Chief Creative Officer : Olivier Altmann
Creative Director : Olivier Altmann
Copywriters : Thierry Lebec, Mathieu Degryse
Art directors : Bénédicte Potel, Yves-Eric Deboey
Assisting AD : Fanny Chevalier
Account managers : Sophie Larrieu, Adrien Susini, Bastien Chanot, Pierre-Henry Briec
Sound Post-production : Frederic Prados

Business Affairs :
Legal & Business Affairs Director Prodigious: Carlos Serrano
Legal & Business Affairs Prodigious: Elodie Siliart
Legal Department Publicis Conseil: Isabelle Saya-Salvador

Production Vidéos & Clip :
Director : Alice Moitié
Company Production : Iconoclast Interactive
Producer : Mourad Belkeddar

Digital Production :
Digital company Production : Anonymous
Fonder & Creative Director : Marc Guillaumin
Art director digital : Martin Sylvestre
Technical director : Nicolas Davi

Production de la musique
Performer : Kylie Minogue
A/C : Devonte Hynes, Scott Hoffman, Kylie Minogue
Publishers : Domino Publishing Co Ltd (SACEM / for Devonte Hynes),Babydaddy Songs (ASCAP / for Scott Hoffman), Mushroom Music (for Kylie Minogue)
Master Owner : “(P)2014 copyright in this sound recording is owned by Parlophone Records Limited. A Warner music Group company. All rights reserved.”

Société : Ebay

Bidding for Charity: "One Note Against Cancer"

Bidding for Charity: “One Note Against Cancer”

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