British Airways cabin crew are using the latest iPad model to bring a new dimension to customer service in the air. The iPads enable cabin crew to have prior awareness of customer preferences and a greater understanding of each customer’s previous travel arrangements, allowing them to offer a truly bespoke, personalised service.

The iPad lets crew quickly identify where each customer is seated, who they are travelling with, their Executive Club status and any special meal requests. It gives cabin crew a whole library of information at their fingertips including timetables, safety manuals and customer service updates. It also means any issues can be logged with ground-based colleagues around the network prior to departure so solutions can be delivered while the flight is airborne.

When all the passengers have boarded and just before the doors are shut, cabin crew are currently handed a long scroll of paper, listing up to 337 customers. With the new iPads cabin crew will simply refresh their screen when the doors have closed through wireless 3G networks and they will have a complete list of passengers on board.

Nicola Smith, Regional Customer Service Manager, Middle East said, “The iPad is already allowing us to offer a more personalised onboard service to our Middle East customers, but the possibilities for future development are endless. We’re receiving great feedback from cabin crew and customers in the region. It allows the crew to offer the thoughtful service they want to deliver and customers are treated as valued guests.”

The iPad is currently being trialled with 100 cabin crew with the aim to roll it out to all senior crew members across the airline in the coming months.

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About British Airways:
• British Airways has a worldwide route network that covers more than 150 destinations in 75 countries.
• The airline is one of the world’s largest international airlines carrying approximately 36 million passengers around the world every year.
• Next year (2012) will mark our 80th anniversary of flying to the Middle East.
• British Airways operates 59 weekly flights from eight GCC markets to London Heathrow.
• In the summer 2011 schedule the airline operates five weekly flights from Riyadh and Jeddah to London Heathrow.
• British Airways’ transatlantic joint business with American Airlines and Iberia offers customers more destinations, better schedules and greater access to cheaper fares.
• The airline is investing in new aircraft, new cabins, new technology and new routes.
• British Airways’ operate from Terminal 5, it’s exclusive new home at London Heathrow. This terminal is capable of handling 30 million customers a year and is the size of 50 football pitches.
• More than 90% of British Airways flights operate through Terminal 5 that handles over 500 flights a day.
• British Airways was the first commercial airline to introduce a fully flat bed in First class in 1996. The airline then went on to pioneer fully flat beds in business class (Club World) in 2000.

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British Airways revolutionises customer service using ipads

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