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Treat Refugees #LikeAnimals

We humans tend to think of ourselves as the superior form of life, we associate our species with goodness and something we can “humanity”, but truth is we’re not, we’re the worse creatures to

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PEPSI Decodes the Black Knight in Dubai

Just before we wave 2015 goodbye, PEPSI revealed their “Black Knight Decoded” film on YouTube, featuring cool footage taken by the International Space Station, part of this footage was a successful Guinness World Record

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Mercedes Keeps you on the Safe Side

Great ad campaigns are the ones that deliver the main message in a simple and straight forward way, like this Mercedes-Benz campaign created by Impact BBDO Dubai, it’s really cool! Mercedes-Benz | Safe Side

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If Sex Sells, what can Porn do?

Reaching your target audience can be really difficult sometimes, specially if the topic is sensitive, but what if you managed to eliminate the awkwardness and made it to the heart and mind of the

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