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Jordan media | Amlak vs. Aqarcum Advertising

Jordan media | Amlak vs. Aqarcum

As the real-estate industry is growing in Jordan, real-estate specialized media are being launched to serve this industry offering advertisers the media tool to reach their target audience. Print sector witnesses the birth of

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Batelco acquired Umniah! Advertising

Batelco acquired Umniah!

Batelco which is a Bahraini telecom company, which owns an ISP here in Jordan, has acquired Umniah the Jordanian mobile operator. The value of the deal was 415 US$. This acquisition will boost the

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Outside The Box! Advertising

Outside The Box!

It’s the time that you have to decide your situation of The Box, whether to think inside it or to break it and think outside it. Recently I got confused about where to think,

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Real Estate Investments in Jordan Advertising

Real Estate Investments in Jordan

I was really amazed when I visited the PropertyLink 2006, a property & real estate investment exhibition organized by B-design & Marketing in the Le Royal hotel in Amman – Jordan. Real estate industry

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