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Got Any Questions to McDonald’s?

If you had the chance to ask McDonald’s any question, what would you ask? McDonald’s Arabia has launched a new interactive campaign aiming to open a dialogue with consumers, the campaign allows people to

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Can we Donate Love?

Children love gifts, whether it’s candy or toys or a day at the park, they just love these things, but what if they are orphans? What if they were abandoned by their parents? Can

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Nissan’s Reddit Stunt Backfires

Nissan is in the middle of controversy after their PR stunt on Reddit backfired, the brand hosted an AMA Session (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit with CEO Carlos Ghoson, however the stunt didn’t go

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A Little Space for Great Technology

Here is a really nice idea from Tunisia, I like the headline of the ad; A Little Space for Great Technology! Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy Label Tunisia Creative Director : Alain Mhawej Art Director:

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