March 30, 2015

Clapton, you looked wonderful that night

With Key to the Highway, legendary Eric Clapton ignited a wonderful night of rock and blues music for an audience of 15,000, and I couldn’t have been any happier standing and singing among them.

Sharp on time, Clapton and his band emerged on the Yas Arena stage in a magnificent yet simple way, nothing fancy and yet he was impressive, the second his fingers started playing the guitar we all knew it’s time to enjoy the rich legacy of one of the greatest Rock musicians, and so it was.

This concert marked Layla’s 40 anniversary, a reason to celebrate this great album that included some of his greatest hits ever. I personally enjoyed the 2 hour gig, specially when he played Layla and I Shot the Sherif, but the song that touched me the most was Wonderful Tonight, although I listened to this song hundreds of times before, that time was different, I think hearing it coming directly from him made it seem more sincere, genuine, authentic, got me drifting in a world of my own.

The concert was really amazing, hats off to the legend Eric Clapton and his amazing band. And I’m thankful for Flash Entertainment for inviting me to this event, great setup and organization, and I do look forward to Tiesto’s gig on February the 17th and Stevie Wonder’s concert on March the 18th.

Here is a video I shot diring the concert, couldn’t figure out the right settings on time:

Here are some photos: