Communication Summit 2018 has published the program

Prague, 3 April 2018: Top industry meeting of senior communication managers in Czech market will take place on May 30, 2018 at Slovansky dům in the centre of Prague. Communication Summit represents a new platform bringing together all stakeholders: representatives of clients -both companies and institutions, and communication and marketing agencies. The programme is focused on result-oriented communications – both from financial and social point of view.

Digitalisation creates a series of new channels and touch points, which often paradoxically leads to an atomization and loss in the communication effectiveness. Communication Summit 2018, prepared on cooperation of PIAF festival and Blue Events, aims to become a platform that will bring together all those who are interested in how to achieve attractive financial and social effects in the current interconnected world.

The Summit has recently published its rich program offering:

  • 6 hours of strategy, information and inspiration
  • 8 hours of exchange of experience and discussions
  • 2 hours of social program
  • 6 hours of networking

Communication Summit 2018 will bring an inspiration in the main program, common for all participants and in 4 parallel programme blocks, focusing on hot topics of effective communication. An important part of the Conference will be the evening “Best of PIAF”- a showcase of winners of the international competition associated with Award ceremony, and a follow-up Dinner Party.

The program will feature nearly 40 local and foreign speakers, representing both clients and agencies. Speakers and panellists will show practical examples how to communicate effectively, with clear economic and social impacts. The main plenary program will bring a/o the following experts:

  • Tomáš Varga, the new regional Director of the Publicis One network, will show the benefits of integrated communication in a connected world
  • Bjorn Stahl , the famous Swedish adman and President of the PIAF 2018 jury, will explain, why it is important to be a bit afraid before launching an advertising campaign
  • Alžběta Houzarová, the communication manager of the Czech and Slovak Google, will present examples from across Europe, how to „materialize“ internet
  • Iwo Zakowski, the top manager of the Burger King, will persuade even so far unbelievers that the communication using consistently a variety of channels and touch points can work
  • Martin Woska (Triad) and Markéta Plichtová (O2) will demonstrate a very specific example, that the triangle “brand, good and business” is not just a pose, but makes sense and brings the results
  • Tomáš Vyhnálek (People in Need) will give us hope that education can contribute to fight against the media and information manipulation


Four afternoon programme sections will enable you to ask about everything you are interested in the field of hot news in advertising, PR and marketing, including the issue of communications in public administration and non-profit sector.

The detailed content of these parallel sections is available at the conference web. The grand finale of the Summit – a social evening with the performance of the PIAF 2018 winners – will offer the opportunity to talk with other people from the industry while tasting good food and drinks …

About Communication Summit 2018
When: 30 May 2018
Where: Slovanský dům, Praha 1

Communication Summit 2018 has published the program

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