-Instigate liasion with Section Heads and Heads of Department to request and collect website and intranet content in order to ensure timely availability of material for publishing.

-Proof-read all intranet and website content received and liase with authors as appropriate to correct any errors in order to ensure content meets established standards, and send proof-read content to Communications Manager and Communications Executive for further action.

-Publish approved website and intranet content as per agreed schedule in order to provide users and visitors with timely and relevant information.

-Flag problem areas and inconsistencies to the Head of Corp. Communications in order to ensure that corrective measures can be planned on a timely basis and liase with IT Dept. to follow-up on technical issues.

-Perform statistical and other analysis on website, intranet, content, audience and other parameters and prepare reports to appraise Management of website traffic and user feedback.

-Archive website and intranet content as per established guidelines in order to ensure availability for future reference.

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Content Executive | United Arab Shipping Company Dubai

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