Did KFC’s Flying Bucket Stunt Create the Expected Buzz?

Earlier this month, KFC rolled out a mega marketing stunt with an aerial food delivery service that involved a huge flying KFC bucket, and 3000 sandwiches.

The giant bucket was flown to Dubai’s Kite Beach using a helicopter, and soon the on-ground staff started giving away these sandwiches for free, all sounds great and ambitious, but has it worked?

The hashtag #KFCFlyingBucket generated 67 posts on Instagram and 346 Tweets, which is very low considering that 3000 sandwiches were given away for free, and the fact that the event was announced in advanced. The idea is fantastic and I’m pretty sure it helped in increasing brand affection and generating word of mouth, but in this day and age the digital dimension is really vital.

The teaser campaign was short and plain, they could have built a lot of buzz prior to the stunt, as for hashtag, it could has been pushed more on ground, they could have written it on staff t-shirts and wrapping paper, they could have laid down branded beach towels here and there, or carve the hashtag in sand, or even had people with megaphones shouting it out.

Again, the idea is fantastic but it didn’t achieve what was expected, so the main lesson learned from this stunt; a free sandwich won’t guarantee you a tweet!

Did KFC's Flying Bucket Stunt Create the Expected Buzz?

Did KFC's Flying Bucket Stunt Create the Expected Buzz?

Did KFC's Flying Bucket Stunt Create the Expected Buzz?

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