The Role

Our client is) is currently seeking a Digital Development Manager to manage their digital systems and to ensure smooth operation and facilitation of their digital product offerings.

Reporting to the Head of Content Development, your main responsibilities in this role will include:
• Ensure that the critical digital systems for managing the websites, newsletters and customer services are working correctly
• Working with Head of Content Development to deliver the digital elements of the companys content strategy
• Assisting in the definition of upgrade projects and then managing them to ensure they remain in scope and hit agreed deadlines
• Turning content ideas into functioning product offerings.


• Min 1 years of experience in web and e-business environments
• B2B Digital media/ publishing experience
• Content management and subscriber systems experience
• Experience with web analytic tools
• Familiarity with testing and website management
• Strong understanding of evolving digital platforms; and
• Analytic and problem solving skills along with patience and calmness under pressure

About the Company

RealHR was established in 2007 as a generalist HR management consultancy. Its aim is to meet the ever increasing need in the UAE for expert HR services in a country where enterprise is booming and employment law is being developed continuously.

Market changes and client demand have led to significant developments within the UAE. In particular the last couple of years have seen the increasing development of the importance of good people management practices and the need for high calibre staff to create competitive advantage. These two key areas have been proven globally to be the key to business success and growth.

RealHR prides itself on the in-depth knowledge of HR & Recruitment, so that our clients can focus on their core business. We tailor our service to match the needs of our clients so they get effective, timely and pragmatic help, advice and support when they need it, at a price they can afford to pay.

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Digital Development Manager | RealHR Dubai, UAE

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