Job Description

anages the ongoing development and enhancement of Flash website.

Daily social media communication across FLASH platforms

Reporting and analysis of FLASH corporate digital activity

Develop fully integrated new digital and online/mobile media campaigns for FLASH events, leading the function to deliver greater ROI

Improve integration with Ticketmaster function focused on loyalty, upsell and cross platform integration

Work with Marketing Manager and Head of Department to lead development of FLASH CRM system

Develop online content/video promotions and initiatives focused on talent, working closely with artist management and record labels where relevant

Establish a broad network of digital partners and activate creative partnerships that help to promote FLASH events

Negotiate and manage digital partner contracts in line with department protocol

Provide thorough digital performance analysis (weekly/Monthly) with specific focus on ticket sales, click-throughs and cost per sale (of ticket)

Effectively communicate project expectations to event team members, other FLASH departments, third parties and stakeholders in a timely and clear fashion.

Estimate the resources and participants needed to achieve digital goals (Consult, if part of a program of events, with the Project Manager on the allocation).

Develop and manage campaign plan – schedule and monitor project timelines, milestones and deliverables.

Draft and submit budget proposals, and recommend subsequent budget changes where necessary (Consult, if part of a program of events, with the Project Manager on the impact).

Provide ongoing research and development into online marketing opportunities, partners and initiatives that help department to reduce spend and increase reach

Ensure that Value In Kind (VIK) is valued, recorded and adopt a recording process that is compliant to accounting standards (Auditor approved).

Support Vice President Marketing in new strategic initiatives in the areas of digital, CRM and mobile technology.

FLASH Process Requirements;

Comply and follow process according to current FLASH standards including compliance procedures and event forms.

Successfully define and quantify tasks and deliver on time and to quality requirements.

Set and continually manage expectations with team members, departments and other stakeholders.

Delegate tasks and responsibilities to appropriate personnel in various departments and specialist roles.

Provide weekly update to Marketing Manager (who in turn updates event project manager) on the status of contracts, LPOS and invoices (pending, awarded, paid, accruals).

Manage the change during the life of the project and report accordingly including budgets, actual expenditure, scope, deliverables, etc. using financial controls, indicators and address any deviations effectively (Consult if part of a program of events with the Project Manager on the impact). Escalate when outside of agreed tolerances.

Develop and deliver progress reports, proposals, requirements documentation and presentations including monthly management and board reports (Consult, if part of a program of events, with the Project Manager).

Proactively manage changes in project scope, identify potential crises, and devise contingency plans using risk management standards.

Coach, mentor, motivate and supervise team members and contractors, and influence them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work.

Develop a mechanism to initiate proposed improvements in terms of process, deliverables, etc. for each project/event

Develop best practices and tools for marketing execution and management (Consult, if part of a program of events, with the Project Manager on the impact).

Desired Skills & Experience


In-depth digital and new media knowledge, skills and understanding

Strong contacts across the digital and new media industry locally

Keen trend spotter, ahead of the curve in new digital initiatives and development

Working in a matrix environment requires a strong communicator with excellent influencing, negotiation and relationship building skills.

Excellent knowledge and experience developing entertainment-led digital content campaigns.

Help to improve the knowledge of digital’s capabilities across the department and wider team

Motivate and manage colleagues to deliver on time, budget and at the required standard of quality.

Strong oral and written communication skills (including the ability to draft understandable, clear and consistent documents on topics within the areas of responsibility).

Will have a high degree of integrity and a high sense of personal and professional ethics

Ability to consider and advise on the consequences of various courses of action, including an understanding of the repercussions on other activities.

Ability to engender confidence of management and exercise good judgment in handling sensitive information.

Ability to manage multiple tasks, organize priorities and meet deadlines.

Detailed attention to quality of deliverables.

Desire and ability to demonstrated initiative.

Strong attention to detail, by being thorough and responsible.

Ability to proofread and review accurately (Prepare and review copies, marketing collateral, contracts, etc.).

Excellent process skills analyze and standardize workflows.

Sound management and, well developed quantitative analysis and modeling skills.

High level of stress tolerance.

Excellent negotiation skill by being assertive and respectful.


Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Management, Media.

Certified marketing training (Chartered Institute of Marketing, etc.)
Preferred Experience (To be filled for external use):

7+ years of demonstrated excellence in a dynamic, creative, multi-faceted digital campaign planning and management

In-depth experience working with new technologies, innovations and broad media formats

Strong awareness of mobile, ipad and android technologies

Experience managing digital third parties (as outlined above)

Company Description

As a cutting-edge live entertainment team, Flash specializes in creating premium music, sports, film and cultural event experiences, as well as activating new venues and public locations throughout Abu Dhabi.

From event concept planning and design through to marketing, sponsorship and artist liaison, we tackle every piece of the live entertainment puzzle to perfection.

Our global network gives us access to some of the planet’s most sought-after performers, athletes and musicians… allowing us to create entertainment experiences that linger.

Through expertly executed live events, we’re inciting interest in the larger entertainment spectrum as well as stimulating grassroots talent – driving recognition of Abu Dhabi as a regional hub. Flash is at the forefront of developing the city’s live entertainment industry, and we’re constantly raising the bar for operational distinction in live events.

A minimum of 5-7 years strategic planning/business development and research industry experience or investment banking or consulting experience.

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Digital Media Manager | Flash Entertainment Dubai, UAE

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