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Dubai, United Arab Emirates – April 29,2015 (ME NewsWire) – The digital arm of Choueiri Group “Digital Media Services (DMS)” recently announced the latest addition to its portfolio of leading regional online offerings, by confirming its appointment as the Exclusive Media Representative of “” – The Arab world’s first, comprehensive, Arabic language digital encyclopedia. was founded by a group of Jordanian entrepreneurs, who spotted a distinct gap between the number of Arabic internet users and the scarce availability of online Arabic content (Notwithstanding the fact that even available content is often not compatible with the Arabic language or with Arab cultural values) and decided to undertake the responsibility of bridging this gap. They decided to enrich the quality and quantity of online Arabic content, utilizing an innovative idea which would translate into one of the earliest Arabic online encyclopedias in the world:

The portal’s development process benefitted from the proven experience of global digital libraries such as and leveraged innovative practices and systems such as “Wiki.” It employs a strategy which is designed to direct Arab users to create / write threads which hold the most surveyed titles across global search engines, allowing other Arab online users to participate and contribute to these threads. These threads are then reviewed and edited by a group or researchers, before they become available to other users at large.

The website also takes pride in its uniquely accessible and user-friendly experience, modeled with the latest branding principles in mind to enable users with easy navigation and functionality across the entire website and all of its sections.

Elaborating on’s broader aims and future potential, the website’s CEO Rami Alqawasmi stated that “We, at, pursue a social mission and aim to be the first comprehensive Arab encyclopedia that involves all Arabs. We seek to contribute to the development and enrichment of the internet with an integrated and interrelated learning experience, which provides the easiest ways to survey information valuable and reliable references”.

He went on to say that “ is a big step towards promoting Arabic content and productive, educational websites owned and developed by Arabs. We hope that by doing this, we are encouraging others to create alternative Arabic platforms, which can become as strong as the western websites in term of accessibility and credible content”.

DMS’ Chief Operating Officer, Michel Malkoun expressed his views on the new partnership by stating that “ is a tremendous platform, which stands to push the quality and scope of online Arabic content to a new benchmark. Their pioneering spirit matches up with DMS’ commitment to leveraging innovation and their addition to our portfolio is bound to be welcomed by regional advertisers and brands targeting larger pools of Arab online users”.

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