Discussions Tailored to Address ‘Exposure and Transition’ in Arab Media

Dubai: 27 March, 2012 – Dubai Press Club, organisers of the Arab Media Forum, today announced the workshop topics for the first day of the 11th Arab Media Forum that will be hosted under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Scheduled to be held from 8-9 May at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai, AMF 2012 is themed ‘Arab Media: Exposure and Transition’. The first day’s workshops will examine the changes that have taken place in the media landscape across several countries in the region. In light of the dynamic transformations, the workshops will explore the role of the media in articulating the evolving situation.

The opening workshop titled ‘YouTube Channels…Individual Platforms that Compete with Satellite Stations’ will aim to scrutinise the increase in YouTube users in the Arab world. It will also deliberate on ways that individuals have used the platform in order to evaluate its competition with large satellite providers in terms of viewership. In addition to shedding light on the popularity of these channels, the workshop will seek to offer solutions for challenges that the respective owners face.

Moderated by Nasser Al Sarami, Head of Media at Al Arabiya News Channel, the panel discussion will include the participation of Dima Khatib, blogger of the ‘DimaKhatib’ blog, Abdulaziz Al-Shalan, social media specialist, Ammar Mohammed, founder of the ‘Ammar Talk’ blog, and Amro Salama, film-maker and blogger.

The second workshop will explore the immense growth Twitter has witnessed on the regional and global scale. Titled ‘Twitter Stars and the Echo of the Tweets!’ the workshop will discuss the effectiveness of social network platforms in influencing communities. It also aims to identify the growing popularity of micro-blogging as an ideal avenue for the uninhibited and instant expression of ideas.

Ibrahim Ustadi from Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) will moderate the segment that will draw upon the perspectives of students Hessa Al Shuwaihi from Dubai Women`s College, Higher Colleges of Technology, Dana Abu Laban from the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Communication in the American University of Dubai (AUD), Obeida Takriti from the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Communication – AUD, Farah Al Ibrahim from the American University of Sharjah, and Mahra Al Jneibi from the UAE University.

The third workshop ‘The Electronic Media Generation: Journalists by Instinct’ will examine the evolution of communication over the last two years. The advancements have allowed individuals to influence their environment through communicating from various electronic devices. Additionally, the workshop will evaluate the level of trust associated with conventional versus new media and raise the question ‘Is traditional media on the decline?’

Amna Khalifa Al Ali, former Professor at the UAE University will moderate the workshop that will include speakers such as Al Sadek Al Hammami, Professor at the Faculty of Communication in Sharjah University, Ghada Abdel Moneim, Egyptian writer and philosopher, Ali Hamad Al Kheshaiban, writer at the Al Riyadh Newspaper in Saudi Arabia, Lahib Bani-Sakher, Jordanian social activist, and Magda Abu Fadil, director of ‘Media Unlimited’, Lebanon.

The inaugural day of AMF 2012 will also host three sessions that serve as a platform for knowledge sharing between the attendees. The topics for the first day’s sessions include ‘Arab Media and the Shock of Change’, ‘Revolutions Re-draw the Map of the Elite’ and ‘Foreign Official Spokespeople: who listens to them?’

The 10th edition of the Arab Media Forum held from 17-18 May 2011 attracted more than 2,800 participants including media professionals, decision makers, researchers, academics and media students. Additionally, over 23,000 people tuned in to the forum via direct broadcast technology on the Internet. A total of 40 different nationalities from around the Arab region and the world participated in the event.

Arab Media Forums Speakers

Latest updates on the workshops and speakers at the Arab Media Forum 2012 are available at www.arabmediaforum.ae.

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The Arab Media Forum is the Middle East’s most prominent media event every year. Beginning in 2001 and organized by the Dubai Press Club under the patronage of H.H.Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the Forum has consistently tried to facilitate in-depth debates and exchange of ideas on the media in the region. www.arabmediaforum.ae

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Dubai Press Club Announces Workshop Topics for First Day of 11th Arab Media Forum

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