e-Report Developed in Collaboration With Rufoof Online for iPhone and iPad Users

Dubai-UAE: Sunday 15 April, 2012 – Key outcomes of the fourth Arab Media Outlook (AMO) report will be released at a press conference on Monday, 30 April, announced Dubai Press Club today.

Scheduled to be held at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai, the press conference will be headlined by experts from Deloitte, a leading international auditing, consulting and research company, which oversaw the statistical research of the fourth AMO across 17 Arab countries.

A digital copy of the report has been developed for iPhone and iPad users in cooperation with Rufoof Online, provider of e-content applications. The e-report will be provided free to all researchers, scholars and media representatives. Individuals can also request for the digital copies of the first three issues of the report.

Dubai Press Club will additionally distribute the report during the 11th edition of the Arab Media Forum, which is scheduled to be held from 8 – 9 May. The event is expected to draw the participation of more than 2,000 media professionals from around the Arab region and the world. The DPC team has relied on AMO’s findings to develop the themes of the workshops and sessions at the upcoming Arab Media Forum.

The fourth edition of the report investigates the significant changes taking place in the media landscape across Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, the UAE, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Yemen, and for the first time Libya and Iraq. A majority of these countries have witnessed major shifts in the media sector across new and traditional platforms. The change was driven by the disproportionate political, social and economic changes sweeping the Arab world.

More specifically, the latest edition of AMO examines the shifting media consumption patterns in the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Morocco. The report covers a vast number of media organizations and the youth, marking a first-of-its-kind step in such researches.

The report additionally assesses the impact of increased broadband Internet services and the prolific use of social media networks. In addition to the survey, the report team has conducted interviews with senior representatives of prominent media organizations in the Arab world. The exercise was implemented with a view to gauging the perspective of decision makers of these organizations and identifying their responses to challenges facing the media industry in the Arab world.

The Arab Media Outlook report, as well as the Arab Media Forum and Arab Journalism Awards, are part of Dubai Press Club’s initiatives to drive the growth of the media sector in the Arab world. AMO is regarded a key resource of reliable information and data on media trends in the Arab world for media professionals, public policy experts, governments, students and advertising companies.

Arab Media Outlook

Dubai Press Club to Announce Key Outcomes of Fourth Arab Media Outlook by April-End

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