Dubai-UAE: 18 December, 2011 – Dubai Studio City, the film and broadcast industry-dedicated free zone and a member of TECOM Investments Media Cluster, presented mementos to government departments in recognition of their support during the filming of ‘Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ in Dubai.

The mementos were presented at a special ceremony organised during the 8th Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) that ran from 7-14 December. Hosted in association with Dubai Studio City, DIFF is an integral part of Dubai’s efforts to establish itself as a global hub for the film industry.

Dubai Studio City’s Location Approval Services (LAS) department worked closely with the government departments to provide logistics support to the team from Paramount Pictures for the latest sequel of the action thriller ‘Mission Impossible’ starring Tom Cruise. Around 150 support crew and 500 extras from the UAE participated in the production.

The Location Approval Services department that oversees all aspects of production and filming in Dubai facilitated 888 film shoots during 2010.

Other projects facilitated by LAS include the Bollywood box office hit ‘Dabaang’ and the reality show ‘Best Friends Forever’ featuring famous celebrity Paris Hilton. Films such as ‘Race’ and ‘Partner’ (India); ‘Dr Who’ series (the UK); ‘Amazing Race’ (the US); ‘Andaleeb Al Dooki’ (Egypt); ‘City of Life’ (the UAE); ‘Keif Al Hal’ (Saudi Arabia) and ‘Dream Boat’ (Germany) are some of the popular films that also had LAS overseeing the approval requests.

Representatives from Dubai Government departments with officials from Dubai Studio City, the dedicated film production cluster and a member of TECOM Investments’ Media Cluster, during an award ceremony hosted to recognise Dubai Government entities for support extended during the filming of ‘Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol’ in Dubai

About Dubai Studio City
Launched in Feb, 2005, Dubai Studio City (DSC), a member of TECOM Investments’ Media Cluster, offers a complete technical and community infrastructure catering to the film, TV, radio production and broadcast industries. Built on an area of more than 20 million square feet, DSC aims to attract production and broadcast companies, as well as a wide range of support services, including providers for animation, dubbing, makeup, costume design, set design and construction, casting, telnet agencies, telecine, and laboratory facilities. DSC will feature pre-built studios, sound stages, workshops, backlots and stage areas, post-production studios, and satellite communication services. The cluster will also house film & television academies, commercial offices, entertainment & retail spaces, and hotels & residential facilities to accommodate crews and cast. DSC’s Location Approval Services (LAS) provides a single window for applying for shooting permits.

Dubai Studio City Felicitates Government Entities for Support during Filming of ‘Mission Impossible’ in Dubai

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