eMarketing Egypt announced the second report in its series of reports about Facebook in Egypt:Facebook in Egypt..e-Marketing Insights. The report starts with a basic description of Egypt Facebook community in comparison to both global and regional figures, and then Egyptian users were profiled in terms of demographics.

eMarketing Egypt releases its second report about Facebook

“The internet can’t be neglected as a marketing channel any more, it had also evolved to a mass marketing channel and this was arguably proved throughout the recent events we had been witnessing in Egypt”, Said Ahmad Nagy; eMarketing Egypt Managing Director.

“This edition comes in very special time after the Facebook had played significant role in Egypt revolution, and since then it had been growing dramatically till it exceeded 8.5 million users currently”, added Ossama El Badawy, The author of the report and the online competitive intelligence manager of eMarketing Egypt.

Two sections are new in this year edition, first is about top pages analytics, and in which each selected page was profiled in terms of users geography, gender and age. The a special section was added to provide a brief picture of how Facebook was used amid the revolution.

eMarketing Egypt is the first e-marketing company in the region who adds the art and science of competitive intelligence to the field of online marketing, eMarketing Egypt considers itself responsible for providing insights and giving analysis for all marketers and decision makers in the middle east and the region about all components of the digital era as a vital part of its mission to “utilize the online space to enable businesses – of any size -achieve their strategic objectives”.

eMarketing Egypt releases its second report about Facebook in Egypt: E-Marketing Insights

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