Dubai, 5th December: Leading regional operator Etisalat has been recognized with three key awards to be added to the hundreds of awards the company has received during the last years. The CommsMEA Awards acknowledge operators and individuals who have taken a leadership role in the region’s fast growing and rapidly changing telecoms sector. The awards also honour companies that have invested in technology, implemented winning strategies and developed services to capture the hearts and minds of end-users.

“Etisalat UAE” walked away with the ’Fixed- Operator of the Year’ award in recognition of the Corporation’s commitment to providing the best of technology to its customers with an advanced FTTH (Fibre-to-the-home) network in the UAE. Etisalat’s FTTH network is on a fast track roll-out and the operator announced in April 2011 the milestone achievement of Abu Dhabi becoming the first capital city in the world to be entirely covered with a fibre optic network (FTTx).

Etisalat today offers the fastest broadband internet services for its customers in the region, reaching speeds of 30 MBps for individuals and 100 MBps to the business sector, in addition to next generation TV services such as HDTV and 3DTV.

“Mobily” Etisalat`s Saudi arm has walked away with The New Telecoms Service of the Year for their exceptionally significant new services the company provides in the Saudi Kingdom.

Etisalat Misr on the other hand earned recognition, for its CEO, Saleh Abdullah Al Abdooli by winning the Lifetime Achievement for reaching more than 15millions subscribers in less than 3 years post launch and became the first choice of the Egyptian market.

Engineer/Ahmed Bin Ali group senior vice president cooperate communication said “Etisalat’s group is always on the forefront of the telecom companies that provide customers with latest and new services and technologies. Etisalat services and network have provided a number of unique benefits to customers and businesses alike through the provision of a dedicated scalable network, providing maximum levels of reliability and uptime – features which are of significant importance to the subscribers, offering faster response times, permanent service availability as well as information security”.

CommsMEA awards aim as well to recognize those organisations that have helped turn the communications sector in the Middle East and Africa into one of the most dynamic and vibrant in the world.

Etisalat wins three key Awards at CommsMEA

Etisalat wins three key Awards at CommsMEA

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