* performs a variety of tasks aimed and planning and executing events such as corporate events and parties
* responsible for each aspect of the event, from the initial brainstorming to dismantling the space following occasion.
* administers all logistics required to execute the event.
* directs a staff in the setting up of the facility. This includes ensuring that all furniture such as tables and podiums are where they should be, as well as ensuring that all décor such as table settings and signage are properly displayed.
* duty of an event manager to work within this budget and steer clients toward choices that are cost effective.
* keeps material financial records, documenting all purchases in a manner acceptable to either her employer or her client.
* coordinating all the details required to ensure an event runs smoothly and successfully.


* must be fluent in Arabic and English
* must be detail-oriented and very organized, to manage the many details of an event.
* Written and verbal communication skills are important because event coordinators must be able to interact with a variety of people ranging from vendors to company management to attendees.
* must be able to work under pressure and be willing to work with tight deadlines.
* must also be flexible and capable of multi-tasking since many of the actions required to manage an event must be arranged concurrently.
* must be prepared to work long hours and potentially to travel as necessary to attend events.

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