Pre-Revolution-Facebook was a male-dominated community consisting of 11 million, mostly 20-something-year-old, Arab users who preferred English over their native language and chose to be discreet about their relationship status.

Back in March 2010, we created a report about Facebook in the Middle East, at that time the total number of users was 11.1 million, 54% of the users where between 19 – 29 years old, 58% were male, 56% used English language and 62% didn’t define their relationship status. Today, Facebook’s population in the MENA region is somewhere around 40 million users, is it any different nowadays?

A recent report by The Online Project shows that it’s pretty much the same, Facebook is still male-dominated with an overall gap of 30%, unlike the female-dominated community in the USA, were male users are 10% less. Some of the interesting findings in this report is the gender gap variations in the region, while Iraq showed the highest gap that reached 45.8%, Lebanon enjoys a more balanced community with a gap of 4.6% in favor of male users. This is understandable in conservative communities in the Arab region, many female users tend to hide behind male accounts for cultural reasons, but on the other hand many guys create feminine ghost accounts to make things easier to approach girls through the social networks, I believe this brings some balance to the equation but probably not enough.

Some interesting facts:

  • Palestine is the youngest Arab country on Facebook
  • 85% of the users are interested in women
  • Average number of friends in the Middle East is 59 compared to 133 in the USA
  • Average number of profile pictures per user is 25
  • Palestinians use Arabic language the most while Lebanese use it the least

Download a copy of The Online Project Facebook Marketing Report, you can also download a summary of the report.

The Online Project Facebook Marketing Report

Facebook Arabia: Young, Masculine, Confidential and Linguistically Confused!

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