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Dubai, UAE – January 30th 2013 – Facebook increased its support for Middle East marketers yesterday by holding its first Studio Edge event in the region.  The gathering, in Dubai, UAE, brings together clients and marketers with the aim of improving their knowledge of Facebook’s advertising tools and showcasing examples of best practice.  In addition to the one day session, Facebook also made available a suite of online educational tools under the Facebook Studio Edge brand.

“Facebook Studio Edge was designed to assist agencies in keeping up to speed on product updates and best marketing practices on our social network’s platform,” explained Jonathan Labin, Head of Marketing Solutions at Facebook-MEA. “To create a better understanding of this remarkable interactive tool, we have invited key marketers and agencies to our Studio Edge event today in Dubai-UAE, where key Facebook speakers showcased its key features and discussed most effective means of supporting marketers in showcasing their work in the Facebook Studio Edge directory, thus sharing their contributions in the Facebook Studio Gallery with their peers in the industry.”

Available to all agencies and Preferred Marketing Developers (PMD), Facebook Studio Edge covers topics centering on new developments on Facebook pages, changes and opportunities in advertising on the social network’s platform, in addition to general updates in social technology. Each interactive topic, which ranges from 10-15 minutes, can successfully bring participating agencies up to speed on latest news and developments related to Facebook’s tools and products.

“The Middle East is an important and rapidly developing region for Facebook and our relationship with the various agencies and PMDs is built on offering the best tools and platform to reach, promote and engage their clients’ target audiences in the best possible manner,” said Labin. “I am confident the active enrollment of regional agencies in Facebook Studio Edge will contribute positively to their long term marketing strategies.”

Marketers and agencies registered to the Facebook Studio Edge will also be able to tap into a vast array of resources, among them Measurement & Research; Product Guides; Case Studies; Resources & Tools, in addition to Social Business Blueprints.

In order to encourage agencies to highlight their award winning work on Studio Edge, the Facebook Studio Awards was developed to honor agencies for their best submissions. Agencies with awards and those completing a higher number of the Facebook Studio Edge courses will gain better positioning in the search ranks of the directory.

“We will continue to introduce unique and leading edge marketing tools to better serve the advertising industry, and I believe Facebook Studio Edge will add great value to agencies and marketing practitioners alike in the region,” Labin concluded.

Facebook Brings “Studio Edge” to Middle East Marketers

Facebook Brings “Studio Edge” to Middle East Marketers

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