• Inaugural BOZART Exhibition featuring the three artists took place on October 15th
  • Bo House Cafe launched its new menu along with the signature favorites

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – October 22, 2012: Bo House Café, the home of modern bohemians (moheamians) located on JBR Walk, launched the BOZART Exhibition in celebration of Dubai based artists on Monday, October 15th, 2012. The BOZART Exhibition will run for three months and will showcase the talented and creative work of Dubai‘s aspiring artists.

Bo House, JBR Walk - Dubai

The inaugural show presented artwork from Lisa Fabian, Sarah Khalil and Ishtar Al Shaybani. Bo House treated all the guests to delicious bites from the new menu as well as old favourites including: Mini Bo House burgers, Bunny Hugger Burgers, Sunset Platter, New Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Mini Ice Cream Cones with the award winning gelato flavours including, mango, and kiwi, as well as the delicious smoothie shots.  A caveat to the evening was the music played by the legendary DJ Nick Tohme whose chill out tunes heightened the ambiance and the mohemian experience.

This is the first of many more art related events at Bo House Cafe and all types of artists are welcome to showcase their work. Next on the agenda is a craft events on Monday, November 19, 2012.

If you are an artist or musician and would like to participate please get in touch with: info@bohousecafe.com.

Bo House, JBR Walk - Dubai

About Bo House Café:
Bo House Cafe is a place inspired by a genuine family, a true artist and their love for life. It has been designed especially for the young, educated, and art savvy crowd who seek a haven from the bustle of daily life to a place where they can get together for fun, for love, for a scoop of award winning Gelato, for no reason, for endless simple facts and emotions.

The organically shaped rounded tables create a catalyst for creative minds to feed off each other’s talents and ideas. Its inspiring views of the coast, with waves that rhythmically lap against the shore, Bo House Café always keeps the vibe fresh and chilled.

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First Ever BOZART Exhibition Opens & Launch of New Menu at Bo House Café Celebrating Dubai’s Talented Artists

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