Fishfayce, the digital photo booth service that’s taken the United Arab Emirates by storm, is now available in Qatar and Kuwait. Expanding to the two regions by popular demand, the UAE-based company offers unique event photography solutions, including photo booths and event photography.

Fishfayce’s easy-to-use technology allows party guests to simply step in front of a small stand-alone photobooth, strike a pose and click a remote to photograph themselves and instantly print the pictures.

“We’ve been dipping our toes into these two markets and the feedback has been so positive, we’ve decided to dive in full throttle,” said Fishfayce founder Zeina Abdalla.

“Fishfayce offers solutions to make all kinds of events—from weddings to corporate events to birthday parties to product launches—interactive, fun and memorable for guests.”

The portable, remote-operated Fishfayce photo booths, managed by one of one of the company’s specially-trained on-site staff members, instantly take, print and project photos of party guests during any event.

Photos can be added to slide shows and almost instantaneously be projected on any surface within a venue.

Guests can both print their photos (in color or black and white) on-site or download them from a password-protected online gallery afterwards.

Fishfayce photos are also an excellent viral marketing tool, making event photos, which can be overlaid with brand logos, instantly available on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

“Hosts are always looking for innovative ways to have their events stand out in the social calendar and for their guests to have an experience they’ll never forget,” added Abdalla.

“We created Fishfayce photo booths especially for event and wedding planners looking to bring some creativity and fun to their affairs.”

Fishfayce photo booths have already become a major attraction at corporate events by international companies including Nokia, Hermes, Blackberry, Virgin Mobile, Sony Play Station, Sephora, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Missoni and Adidas among many others.

Fishfayce launches in Qatar and Kuwait

Fishfayce launches in Qatar and Kuwait

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