Features Include Shooting at 10 Meters Underwater and Below Freezing Point Weather Conditions

UAE, 22nd October 2012: Fujifilm announced the launch of the FinePix XP170 – the latest edition to the tough XP series. The FinePix XP170 offers extreme photo taking capabilities, whilst enabling high quality images to be shared on social media platforms on the spot.

Fujifilm FinePix XP170

The FinePix XP170 has the Wireless Image Transfer function which means you can connect to AndroidTM smartphone/tablet or iPhoneTM/iPadTM with the camera and upload high-quality images to social networking sites as soon as a picture is taken. The amazing picture quality of the camera means that friends, family and followers can see exactly what you’ve been shooting.

Keitaro So, General Manager, Fujifilm Electronics Imaging Division, MENA said, “We have noticed that adventurous people who indulge in outdoor activities love photographing their experience. The FinePix XP170 is perfect for them as it can sustain different climates and conditions and allows for easy sharing of photographs on social media networks via the wireless connectivity feature.”

Fujifilm FinePix XP170

He added, “Image quality of the FinePix XP170 has also improved as we believe the essence of a good image is clearly capturing unique experiences. We are sure to get a positive response from not only adventure sports enthusiasts, but families as well due to the durability of this camera.”

Tough design for the great outdoors

The solid build, rubberized coating and riveted metal handgrip make this the toughest FinePix yet. Underwater photographers can dive twice as deep with a FinePix XP170, compared to the FinePix XP50, which means they can keep shooting to depths of 10m. Walkers, bikers and extreme sports enthusiasts will be assured that the FinePix XP170 can survive the drops and knocks. If you like to take pictures of skiing, snowboarding or any other sub-zero activities, the FinePix XP170 will keep functioning all the way down to –10°C. Plus the camera is dust and sand proof, meaning you can take pictures at your favorite beach or when tackling the great outdoor wilderness, you don’t have to worry about the sand clogging up the camera.

Fujifilm FinePix XP170

What’s more, the Fujinon 5x wide optical zoom lens comes with a water repellent coating to prevent water droplets spoiling your shots and even the battery/memory cover comes with “Double Lock” for ultimate protection from the elements.

Share the experience with easy image transfer to social media networks

With the FinePix XP170, fast image upload to social networking sites no longer means low quality pictures. The camera can be connected with any AndroidTM smartphone/tablet or iPhoneTM/iPadTM via the simple download of the “FUJIFILM Photo Receiver” free app to their device, which includes easy to follow instructions to get them quickly connected.

To start uploading, users simple push one button and the images can be transferred to AndroidTM smartphone/tablet or iPhoneTM/iPadTM ready for uploading to social networking sites.

Fujifilm FinePix XP170

Great pictures made easy

The FinePix XP170 isn’t just simply built to take the most extremes of what life can throw at it. The FinePix XP170 is a high quality picture-taking machine that is designed to deliver superb results time after time.

That process starts before you’ve even pressed the shutter release, with improved start up and focusing times over previous FinePix XP models ensuring that you’ll never miss a shot. The 2.7-inch LCD is also now brighter than previous models and has an anti-reflection coating that makes it easy to compose images, even when you’re in bright sunshine on the beach.

Available in two colors: orange and blue.
Price: AED 999

Fujifilm FinePix XP170: key features

  • 14.4 mega-pixel CMOS sensor
  • 5x optical zoom (28-140mm equivalent to a 35mm camera) with water repellent coating
  • Waterproof to 10m
  • Shockproof to 2m
  • Freezeproof to –10°C
  • Dust/sandproof
  • Wireless Image Transfer
  • (For any AndroidTM smartphone/tablet or iPhoneTM/iPadTM)
  • Full HD movie capture and underwater movie mode
  • High speed movie ― 80/160/240 fps
  • Continuous shooting ― max 12 frames (3/5/10 fps)
  • Improved 2.7-inch LCD with anti-reflection coating
  • Double Look for the battery chamber cover.

About Fujifilm
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Fujifilm Introduces the Tough and Social Network Friendly FinePix XP170 to the UAE

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