“Khalifat Zayed” Global Village gift to the world in the celebrations of National Day
Bright colors, dazzling offers and unprecedented events in Global Village

UAE, Dubai, November 27, 2011: Based on the keenness of Global Village, member of TECOM Investments and first family destination for shopping and entertainment in the region, Global Village appeared at its best after completion of all preparations to celebrate the fortieth National Day of the beloved UAE, where the world arts embrace to form a system of loyalty and admiration of what provided by this country for the whole world.

Celebrations vary on this occasion which clearly reflects the spirit of the Union where items of various shapes and sizes are sold & they experience strong demand from the public who are keen to acquire these products which vary up to 300 different forms, in all participating pavilions in the16th session of Global Village.

Entrances, parking, pavilions and the lake were adorned resembling the joy and sharing celebrations which makes Global Village the best selection to celebrate the National Day, where it fulfills the visitors demands and gives them a rare opportunity to show love for this country, where everyone enjoys the diverse arts in the open air on the land of Global Village.

Global Village invites its visitors to share the state its joy in the fortieth anniversary by attending the premiere of “Khalifat Zayed” on Tuesday, November 29th at 7 pm, which is one of the most important surprises that will dazzle both adults and youth from all nationalities.

“Khalifat Zayed” show is considered the most prominent part of Global Village celebrations, where it transmits its visitors to a world that unites fact and fiction through the discovery of the world’s continents and its loyalty and appreciation for the UAE.

Hamad and Hessa will be presenting the Khalifat Zayed show

The show presents a very high technology that combines cinema and theater art where the live show will interfere with the cinematic at one time. Presented by two young Emirati (Hamad) and (Hessa) the show discusses a number of leading civilizations of the world & gets in touch with different cultures and values starting from the Great Wall of China and through India, America, Europe and Africa, where the viewer will be transported in a visual journey around the world mixing truth and fiction, before returning to the homeland, and boasts all the features, sayings of its statesmen and leaders, and its people’s culture.

And as usual in achieving the uniqueness and excellence and despite many dazzling shows provided by Global Village, the “Khalifat Zayed” show is the most prominent and important of its kind as it used techniques presented for the first time in the Middle East, particularly in relation to capacity of the theater that reaches a length of 16 meters as well as blending of the theater with cinema.

The presentation will be from November 29 until December 21, 2011, and seeks to highlight the cultural authentic identity of the UAE and display the journey of progress and prosperity of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – may God rest his soul – and the continuous journey of giving led by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE President may God protect him.

Since the inauguration in 1997, Global Village has become the key entertainment and shopping destination in the region. It includes rich diverse cultures and civilizations and offers a diverse range of restaurants and shops from across the world. In fact, Global Village is the main entertainment, culture and family fun destination in the region.

For more information about events and shows please visit www.globalvillage.ae. Also, you can watch all performances on Global Village website TV channel 24/7 or call 043624114.

Global Village celebrates UAE National Day

About Global Village:
Global Village, is Dubai’s exciting and unique annual tourism destination and spectacular multicultural entertainment centre. Launched in 1997, Global Village made its debut on the Creek Side opposite Dubai Municipality. It later moved to the OudMetha area and then on to Dubai Festival City, until it found a permanent home in 2005 on Emirates Road.

From hosting 18 country pavilions in 1997, Global Village has seen a steady increase in the number of pavilions over the years, with added entertainment and culinary attractions every passing year. Global Village 2011-2012 will be held from November 1, 2011 and will continue for 124 days, culminating on March 3, 2012.

Global Village welcomes visitors with love bouquets celebrating National Day

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