Job Description

• Design, maintain and manage the website of the company.
• Design and manage the newsletter of the company.
• Design brochures and flyers for the various products and services.
• Design the annual calendars, diaries, invitations, greeting cards, etc.
• Develop and manage our corporate identity.
• Design and handling all company promotion materials (advertisements, presentations, videos, exhibitions booth design, marketing materials, events, etc …).
• Coordinating with all internal and external related parties (from start to end).
• Reporting to the Business Development Manager.


• Be a creative multimedia content producer in the Web, Print, Video and Animation
• Experienced in web designs, web maintenance and administration.
• Skilled in Photoshop, Indesign and/or Quark Xpress publishing and designer tools.
• Familiar with available software tools from Adobe, Avid and/or Apple.
• Very good level in English Language (Writing & Speaking).
• Full understanding with the latest marketing tools, materials and technologies.
• Experience in Photography is a bonus.


Diploma in Web & Graphic Designing

About This Company

A leading Industrial Services Company providing specialized services to the Petrochemical and Refineries with presence allover in the Gulf Region.

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GRAPHIC DESIGNERS | Anabeeb – Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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