Has your life got any better with the new Amman logo?

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Earlier this morning I saw the “new logo” of our lovely city Amman, and just as I expected; crap! Our great greater municipality believes that the logo is the key to a brilliant experience, it’s the secret ingredient for a beautiful life; forget about streets, sidewalks, parks and services, logo is all you need.

And what’s with the dates in the logo? Oh yea we have been rocking your life since 1909! If you are 100 years old; it’s about time you have decent hole-free streets and proper sidewalks, go and tour the streets of Amman and see for yourself.

We’re not superficial, we’re not morons, fix the streets and sidewalks then start your branding quest, what’s the difference now between Amman and some bad product? Nothing, both are fooling consumers through packaging rather than quality.

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  • http://www.kinziblogs.wordpress.com kinzi

    I really like the new logo, but don’t think it will change life much. I did realize, speaking as a mother of boys, that the white background will get quite dirty quite quickly, not a plus.

  • http://www.alidahmash.blogspot.com Ali

    I see your car has it share of Amman holes and bumbs! But what is that soap under the tires?

  • Alia

    Well, let’s be fair, GAM is really trying and working hard they have a mobile unit that goes on field and solve the problem, this is part of their radio station’s morning show. It is amazing and they do really get there in not time. So let’s give them credit for trying.

  • Catalyst

    Well, the colors aren’t strong enough so I really can’t see them well, I finally saw that these are hills behind one another !

  • http://www.thearabobserver.blogspot.com The Observer

    I love the logo!

    It may not solve all of Amman’s problems, but it is certainly a good move towards a better perception of the city that would hopefully motivate of more work to make this city better and better.

    There is no need to bash any good effort for the existance of some bad things.

  • http://www.jazarah.net/blog/ Samer Marzouq

    Good point Kinzi about the white flag, specially in the winter!

    Ali, that’s not my car, that’s some poor guy driving on mecca street when it collapsed under his car, and what’s with soap, I don’t know :) ask GAM

    Alia, give me a break, can you name one really good street in Amman, if you can let me know and I’ll go and check

    Catalyst, I guess you can see it on the flag, no way

    Observer, personally I’m frustrated with the streets and sidewalks and I don’t fee that GAM is trying hard enough, nit even trying at all to fix them

  • http://www.jordancars.net Ali

    Come on guys?? I know that we don’t have the best streets in the world, but we are way better off that other countries??

    And GAM is trying and trying hard but fixing a city is not a couple of months work, it takes time.

  • http://www.alidahmash.blogspot.com Ali

    I realy don’t understand why Jordanians should live with the minimum services and infrastructure we have in Amman. GAM comes second after the Social Security Dept in terms of income and cash flow, so there is no reason for having such shitty roads in Amman. And one of the most problems they have is the lack of cordination between other entities. So one day Lema will attack the street and do some fixing, then the next month its the electricity company then its the cable company, the result is a disastorous situation on the same street. Mind you the lack of reflectors, lanes, pavements. The only credit I can give GAM is the naming of the streets and the numbering of the buildings. We pay alot of taxes in this country and its time for pay back.

  • http://www.jazarah.net/blog/ Samer Marzouq

    Ali one – we have the worst streets in the world, maybe not worse than some rigid areas in Africa, and how much do you think it’s gonna take them? Another 100 years!

    Ali two – tell me about it!

  • alia

    why we Ammanis are famous of being passive, the Municipality is doing its best to reach out to hear your complaints, they started a blog, they established a radio station, why don’t you voice your complaints through the proper channels to get them solved. When we are going to become proactive.

    I find the expats who live in Amman are more appreciative to our city than we are .. this is sad that we don’t have appreciation to what we have! our streets are not perfect but they are ok; have u went downtown?? have you noticed the newly painted homes of old Amman?? these are beautiful; every city has its flaws and thats what makes its charachter .. :)

    why dont you share with us one positive thing about amman??

  • http://www.jazarah.net/blog/ Samer Marzouq

    Amman is also known for the bad streets, and let me ask you alia, is a secret that our streets are so bad? are you saying that the municipality needs a blog and a radio station to figure it out!

  • alia

    may be, do you see everything around your own home?? do you think streets is the only thing the muncipality works on? do you know how big Amman is?? this is basic information about your own city are you aware of it??

  • mahmoud from Boston

    OK, do you want to see some streets with huge holes you can fit a car in them? come to Boston, New York or Chicago..why bash Amman for its streets with a budget that does not allow a repair when needed. Come see America with some streets that look a lot worse than Amman.
    Be kind to your City and your country, you are living in a country that is a thousand times better than many,many countries around the world.