Two employment ads, same concept for the same position at the same day and in the same newspaper by the biggest two advertising agencies in Jordan, do they think the same way!?

I am not a designer but I feel that advertising agencies in Jordan need to think in a different way, creativity is absent in most of visuals we see and jingles we hear, but yet there a lot of creative ads, jingles and TV commercials in Jordan, and I would like to dream of a promising future for media and advertising in Jordan.

Advertising industry in Jordan is a rapid developing business; yet in such an unhealthy way, coalitional relationships dominate it, rational is not behind recommending a specific medium over another as it is subject to personal profits and allied parties co-joined benefits.

Most of Jordanian Media are suffering the unfair distribution of advertising expenditures, AlRai, AlGhad & AlWaseet cater most of press expenses, seems reasonable but what about other publications? Fann FM & Rotana FM dominate the radio expenses while other radio stations, which as I believe are too many, they are facing hard time covering their running costs. Nothing is happening online like it doesn’t exist or that Jordanians never heard of the internet. As for the TV I don’t believe that the Jordanian TV is wronged, it is moving from bad to worse, it is not able to compete with satellite stations, the exposure it pledges is weak.

That might be the dark side of this industry in Jordan, but couple of days ago the Jordan Chapter of the International Advertising Association (IAA) won the IAA Chapter Excellence Award at the 40th International Advertising Association (IAA) World Congress, this is something to be proud of and I believe it puts Jordan on the map of advertising and marketing.

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  • Khawaja M.

    I like these creative Ads … they break out the routine…

    btw, I liked the way you designed your blog .. fabulous.. your logo is so nice too …

    are you working on the design field ?!

  • Samer Marzouq

    Thanks a lot for your nice comments, actually I am not a designer my friend Ibrahim Owais (OceanCreep) designed my Blog.

    Welcome anytime.

  • thecaller

    asalam 3alaykom,
    I have to second khawaja..
    great design..chapaux for your friend:)

    although i can only seeing jordanian ads online,i have to agree..that goes in egypt too.

    thank you.

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