1. Preparation of annual budget estimates for the transport activities and leasing
2. Contribute in the preparation of the annual plan for the transport activities, leasing and follow-up plan
3. Contribute in the preparation of marketing plans, study market situation & competitors prices
4. Study the needs of existing and targeted clients to increase sales and develop the sales process
5. Contribute in the implementation & execution of the promotional and advertising programs for the branch by coordinating with the Center Manager.
6. Oversea the distribution of the drivers on the different businesses.
7. Monitor the Sales & Marketing coordinators to ensure that the sales & marketing rules & policies are maintained & practiced.
8. Coordinate with the School Transportation Center & Technical Service Center to provide technical capabilities and resources for commercial activities.
9. Study the customers & tenders quotations requests; review initial data request, prepare sales presentations to clients & tenders files and follow up with the concerned departments.
10. Raise the level of exploitation of the current potentials to develop Sales; suggest the possible growth opportunities with the current potentials & discuss opening new markets.
11. Follow-up on the preparation of commercial contracts & the renewal of existing contracts.
12. Coordinate with the Head of Finance Department in the Branch to study & provide the profit outcome of the commercial contracts; lay out appropriate recommendations for the Branch management & study the feasibility of the commercial activities.
13. Set up & develop the automated Customers database & keep on enhancing the database system.
14. Execute the Customer Service Systems & verify the effectiveness of the system on the communication with the existing & targeted customers. This also includes presenting the Establishment & its services to the client in good way.
15. Arrange regular periodic visits to the clients to maintain close & strong relationship.
16. Provide suggestions and suitable ideas to the Center & Branch management about Investment Projects. The aim is to develop & expand the activities & revenues; monitor the execution of the marketing plans & examine the Technical & administrative parts of the contracts held with the clients.


1. Planning, regulation and supervision
2. Skill of making decisions and solving problems
3. High skills in persuasion and negotiation
4. Good knowledge about computer programs
5. Proficiency in Arabic and very good knowledge of English
6. Additional skills (familiarity with the local market)


Bachelors / Higher Diploma in Business Administration – Marketing

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Head of Sales & Marketing| Reach Group Dubai, UAE

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