Continuously delivering intuitive and innovative products to the industry, HTC Corporation has once again reiterated its firm stance in the world of advanced technology – with the strategic unveiling of the truly unique HTC ChaCha, and an array of dynamic products, for the first time in Jordan.

The remarkable brand, which is growing at an exponential rate, has recently joined forces with Tab Communications and Technologies, official distributor of many world leading brand names in appliances and electronics in the Jordanian market, to unveil its creative and aesthetically designed smartphone range – the Sensation, Incredible S, Desire S, Wildfire S and ChaCha.

“Tab Communications and Technologies have joined hands with us to help us creatively market our ground-breaking range to the Jordanian market, and eventually act as pivotal platform to help us move and branch out into the Levant market. Tab Communications and Technologies is a reputable and trusted brand, and are widely-recognised as influential distributors in Jordan. We are pleased to tie up with the best there is and with them we are committed to bringing world class smartphones to consumers in the Jordanian market,” said Mohamed Kais Zribi, Regional Manager, HTC Middle East and North Africa.

A global leader in mobile innovation and design, HTC’s ever growing presence in the region, determines a new era of superior premium mobile innovations and applications that is certain to take the Jordanian market by storm. HTC’s new and enhanced extensive product portfolio targets all segments of the Jordan market with unique individualised features and settings.

“At HTC, ‘Quietly Brilliant’ is more than just a motto to us; it’s the way we do things. It means that we don’t just deliver the same old phones; we innovate from scratch bringing to our customers unique original designs that truly suit them. HTC is making the integration of multiple platforms a reality through technology. We are extremely excited to be collaborating with Tab Communications and Technologies and are certain this new venture will be highly successful and rewarding for both of us,” added Zribi.

HTC’s new venture with Tab Communications and Technologies will be appreciated and valued by all socially-savvy consumers, as a slew of products from HTC stables will now be easily available in Jordan.

Attractive and sophisticated user-friendly applications and features within HTC smartphones such as the ChaCha, will appeal to the Jordanians almost instantaneously.

Combining the power of Facebook with the simplicity and ease-of-use of the HTC experience, the HTC ChaCha, which is built solely around social networking, is designed to provide a seamless, socially connected experience by enabling people to stay connected with their friends and family constantly.

Neeraj Seth, MENA Marketing Manager, HTC Middle East & North Africa, commented, “The ingenuity of the HTC ChaCha smartphone will be emphasised through our upcoming, extensive MENA-wide campaign, which will highlight the social networking perks that the smartphone offers, while also demonstrating the intuition and creativity that is synonymous with the HTC brand. As part of this campaign, we will launch our exciting television commercial, filmed in the Middle East for our regional customers. Just as we are in touch with our customers to be inspired by all that they do, we encourage our customers to get in touch with us through a number of experiential opportunities, allowing a full immersion into the true philosophy behind the HTC brand. In September, we will hold several engaging youth-focused activities to allow them to get hands on with HTC.”

The HTC ChaCha caters to the region’s tech-savvy, social networking youth, and accordingly HTC is going to creatively market this sensational new phone to the Jordanian market. Tremendously simple, the HTC ChaCha makes it convenient for users to continuously social network by instantly connecting to Facebook ‘chat’ and ‘mail’ at any time.

Facebook messages and conversations are integrated within the phone, and appear within text messages and email inboxes alongside your regular conversations. The HTC ChaCha Its unique tilt design; crisp, high definition detail or video chat; dual 5-megapixel colour camera with auto focus with LED flash; and a VGA front-facing camera are just some of the incredible features available on this unique novel product. The ChaCha is also designed for easy accessible internet connection with a 2.6-inch, 480 x 320 resolution landscape touch screen.

Yusri Tahboub, Chairman, Tab Communications and Technologies, stated, “We are excited to be aligned with a partner such as HTC, whose innovations in mobile communications are revolutionizing the way that smartphones integrate into our life. Being part of the launch of the new HTC ChaCha is a proud achievement for us, and we look forward to being part of many more successful launches as other intuitive HTC smartphones are released into the Jordanian market. With the rapid growth of the Jordan market and modern telecommunications infrastructure, we believe that our collaboration with HTC will not only add to strengthen this market position, but also brings fascinating propositions for the customers with innovative products bearing in mind the local customers’ needs. HTC remarkably recognises the needs of today’s consumers and constantly strikes to develop devices by keeping the customers in the centre of everything they do.”

HTC¡’s new sensational smartphone, ChaCha, as well as the latest HTC smartphone collection – the Sensation, Incredible S, Desire S and Wildfire S – which have just been made will soon be available in all leading electronic stores including HTC Smart Buy; Emart; Electro City; PC Zone; Leaders; and Carrefour, all across Jordan.

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HTC inks pact with Tab Communication and Technology as official distributor in Jordan

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