Huawei calls on PHD to dial up growth in Egypt

Media agency sets the digital agenda for new market with a data-driven approach

Cairo, May 14 2018: Leading smartphone manufacturer Huawei Consumer Business Group Egypt (Huawei) has concluded its recent three-way review with the appointment of PHD Egypt as its new agency of record. The full media account is the first win for the media agency’s newly opened Cairo operation. PHD is present in 70 countries around the world, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

The pitch was triggered by Huawei’s ambition to provide innovative solutions for the Egyptian market and the need for a partner with strategic vision and excellent technical capabilities. PHD’s proven experience on the account in the region and powerful data-driven model have played a key role in this appointment.

“Welcoming Huawei to our client roster is a stunning start for our Cairo operations,” said Nour Eldin Saleh, general manager of PHD Egypt. “This new partnership shows how PHD is hitting the ground running in Egypt, thanks to its unique future-ready approach that complements the country’s digital transformation. Huawei will play a significant role in this and our mission will be to fulfil their ambitions in Egypt, as we have in other markets.”

PHD announced the opening of its latest office with a new operation in Cairo earlier this month. Located in the central district of Zamalek, the new agency is the network’s fifth location in the Middle East, joining Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and, most recently, Beirut. The move is in direct response to clients’ needs for the agency’s strategic, digital and creative expertise, as well as its data-first approach, in this major consumer market.

Huawei calls on PHD to dial up growth in Egypt

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