Informatica Qatar (iQ), an IT Consulting Firm and Technology Solutions Provider that offers innovative and high-quality systems integration solutions, expects the Huawei X5 and Ideos mobile phones to gain a strong local following in Qatar. iQ recently signed an agreement with global ICT solutions provider Huawei to be the exclusive distributor and after-sales service provider of the X5 and Ideos and other Huawei mobile.

The Huawei Ideos is an Android OS 2.2 (Froyo)-powered mobile phone with a 2.8-inch TFT touch screen display, a 3.15 megapixel camera and 4GB of memory included. The elegantly-styled unit comes with three extra back covers in different colors. The Huawei Ideos is ideal for heavy users of multimedia, social networking sites, instant messaging and email who want a reasonably-priced phone.

The higher-end Huwai X5 runs on Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) with 3D user interface capability. It has a 3.8-inch HD LCD capacitive touch screen, a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, and expandable memory up to 32GB. It can deliver data transfer speeds of up to 14.4 Mbps using High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) technology to provide seamless connection, information and entertainment geared especially for the tastes of professionals and tech enthusiasts. Both models are WiFi-enabled and can record video.

“Qatar ranks among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of per-capita cellphone use. Given their rich features, The Huawei Ideos and Huawei X5 definitely have strong potential within this thriving market. We are eager to combine our extensive knowledge of local telephony with

Huawei’s proven ICT expertise to unveil these and other top-of-the-line mobile products to Qatar over the next few months,” said Wisam Costandi, General Manager, Informatica Qatar.

Informatica Qatar (iQ) offers end-to-end ICT, ELV and telecom solutions, and after-sales support via its two business units, iQ Solutions and iQ Devices. The company is a partner of Huawei.

Huawei is the second-largest supplier of mobile telecommunications infrastructure equipment in the world. The multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company has a presence in over 140 countries and serves more than a third of the global population.

Huawei’s Android-powered touchscreen mobiles set for Qatar launch by Informatica Qatar

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