Omnicom Media Group and Intel have agreed on a deal in which Omnicom will fund experiment with advertising in IP-delivered content — video delivered to TVs via the internet. Viiv is a new technology by Intel enables users to access content like movies, music, videos and games online and marketed itself on being a chip that allows users to send internet content to the TV. Intel Viiv technology is Intel’s premier brand for consumer PCs designed for digital entertainment.

The first test will involve three Omnicom clients and they are FedEx, Hilton and Nissan and will be in Manhattan, New York City where Intel has set up a CompUSA store. The first content company involved in the experiments is AOL and the group also is using ZeTools, a content-publishing solution. Among the other potential partners are Yahoo and movie companies.

The potential of this deal is high due to the huge content available online and to the potential feedback that can be gained from the viewer. This experiment reflects the desire that media companies and advertisers have to develop new methods to expose more and more consumers to more customized messages and build more awareness on specific brands.

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