As Apple and Samsung are taking over the reigns from Nokia as the biggest Mobile phone, a research that was conducted by and, the first Arabic social polling platform, close to 32% of the correspondants said that iPhone is their favorite mobile brand compared to 28.1% who voted for Samsung, with 27% of all surveyed users voting for iPhone 4 and 21.9% voting for Samsung Galaxy.

The Time of the Tablet!
When asked about tablets, 44.2% of the correspondents said that they prefer tablets over smart and cell phones, this is a strong indication about the future of the mobile industry in the Middle East and the world in general, which is reflected by the number of new tablets that are released to the market every once in a while.

More than 76% of the correspondents said that they will consider buying a tablet, with 63.5% voicing their choice to the iPad compared to 36.5% who said they prefer Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

While less than 25% of correspondents do prefer regular cell phones, the majority is thirsty for a more advanced mobile experience through smartphones and tablets, whether it was for internet browsing, reading, playing or for the wide range of applications that can enrich the experience.

What are you looking for?

Social media is the hype, everybody wants to stay connected to their social networks, 32% of the correspondents said it’s the most important feature they are looking for in a smartphone, compared to almost 29% for cameras. Apps came third with 16.2%, followed by internet browsing with 13%.

81.7% of correspondents said that they use and follow mobile apps, a detailed look at the above chart suggests that applications dedicated to social networking are the most popular among users in the Middle East.

When it comes to social media, the MENA region is one of the fastest growing regions in the world, and it’s expected to grow even more, and the popularity of this apps category is natural.

Internet consumption via mobile phone is a growing trend in the region, whether it was to check social networks on the web, read the news or check emails.

33.5% pointed out that they use internet for 3 hours a day compared to 25% who said they use internet for 6 hours a day through their mobile phones. However, 18.8% said that they don’t browse the internet using their mobile phones.

Mobile internet experience is definitely not a match to laptops and computers, but the mobility is an important factor for users who want to stay connected all the time.

Let’s talk brands
Apple and Samsung are leading the mobile industry, taking the reigns from Nokia, which had an influence over correspondents choices when asked about their favorite mobile phone brands, 31.9% said they like the iPhone compared to 28.1% for Samsung and 21.4% for BlackBerry.

The iPhone 4 was the most popular device when compared to the Galaxy, Nexus, Torch, Optimus and N8.

When it comes to mobile operating systems, Apple dominates this arena as well with close to 45% voicing their opinion to iOS compared to 35.6% to Android.

Microsoft’s Windows 7 has a good opportunity to grow its market and mindshare when the Windows- powered Nokia devices are launched to the market later this year.

Bonus questions!
When asked about prices, 83.7% said that price does matter when it comes to buying a mobile phone, compared to 16.3% who said it doesn’t matter.

72% of the correspondents said that they do connect their mobile phones to their computers.

iPhone & Samsung are the most popular mobile phones in the Middle East

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