10 Meters Apart

Such a great idea to unite a nation, yet a very simple and original one, this campaign actually won the Titanium Lion of the Titanium and Integrated Lions category at the Cannes Lions 2013, and I believe it is well deserved!

The idea was so simple, bring Muslims and Christians closer through a joint prayer, a bid to reintroduce ethnic tolerance and understanding in a country that was shredded by war. The campaign revolved around this video, which was aired on TV in Macedonia, the campaign created a lot of buzz and considered a National Day of Prayer, which should occur annually as an incite to reintroduce and reaffirm ethnic tolerance and peace in the country.

Such initiatives are desperately needed in the Middle East, not just to introduce tolerance and understanding between Muslims and Christens, but between Muslims themselves!

BRILLIANT campaign, hats off!

Advertising Agency: New moment Y&R, Macedonia
Regional Creative Director: Dushan Drakalski
Producer: Vladimir Anastasov / Sektor Film
Directors: Marko GJokovik, Dushan Drakalski
Editor: Filip Grcev
Additional Credits: Miftar Islami, Father Mihail


Joint Prayer to unite Muslims and Christians in Macedonia

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