Leo Burnett Dubai drawing Chevy Billboard instead of printing!

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This is so cool, instead of printing the billboard, Leo Burnett actually had this artist to draw the billboard of Chevy right across from the building in Dubai Media City. This billboard is part of a bigger campaign for a new promotion on chevy cars: We saved money by hand drawing this ad so you pay less for the car.

Pretty cool, couldn’t resist pulling over to shoot it!

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  • Murtaza Ali Quaid

    Yes nice idea of having an artist drawing the billboard, but the whole campaign doesn’t make sense to me, I get the message that it cost’s a lot of money to do a simple photo shoot and so we saved a lot of money and the cost of our product is less, hmmmmmm……

    on the other hand I see a very aggressive campaign across all media and with having a very special artist drawing the billboard, that must be an extra cost than usual billboards, so whats the message….???

  • Gilroy

    I’d like to get a quote from this painter, he must be really cheap!

  • http://none ANDREW

    I like it… simple but captivating, i like the idea that they hand draw the car to save money for the ad… like the attire of the artist.. wears formal clothing and a hard hat.. =)