UPDATE: LG is hunting for 5 Chocolate phones to buy back for $10k each! One of them is in the UAE!

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UPDATE: One of the phones is in the UAE! Worth telling your friends!

LG KE800 Chocolate Gold

This new promotion from LG is a very exciting! LG is searching for 5 mobile sets of its Chocolate series to buy them back for $10,000 each, plus a replacement mobile. The hunting takes place all over the world and will last till end of September, so if you know anyone who could have a Chocolate mobile hurry up and ask them to check the below serial numbers:

According to the promotion, if you have any of these mobile phones, you should send the serial number, pictures of the phone and the serial number, and of course your full information to inform@lge.com

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  • David Johnson

    Yeah, I saw this ad somewhere a couple of days ago too. It sounds pretty interesting, huh?
    Do you think this is for the new Chocolate phone?

  • http://www.lgmobile.com/web/web.common.Gateway.laf Kevin

    I think so cause of the new Chocolate phone with Sienna Miller. it seems great marketing strategy.

  • TinyWiny

    This must not be an average Chocolate phone, but maybe a limited gold line?
    If they put out an advertisement, it must not be a regular Chocolate phone. Why, a few years ago they had limited sales of the Chocolate phone gold line. Since it was a special edition, it must be scarce even to LG. If the phone they find is the gold line, then the probability that the winner will be from China is high because they love the color gold.

  • David

    I heard of this too. I think I actually heard that someone took all these pictures and videos of Sienna and LG is helping her get them back because they might sell it to paparazzis for tons of money or something…