Series of major wins adds to creative agency’s existing portfolio of renowned names

Dubai, UAE – February 21, 2015: A series of major wins for Livingroom has confirmed the agency’s credentials as being a natural home for big name brands. The independent communications network that has offices in Dubai and Jeddah celebrated the start of 2015 with a busy programme of lucrative pitches, resulting in the organisation securing the contracts of several renowned names to add to its existing portfolio of major clients.

“We couldn’t have rung in the new year on a better, more triumphant note. The wins are a tribute to our team’s spirit, hard work and dedication and we’ve only just begun to show what we’re capable of,” said Roger Kanakri, Managing Partner of Livingroom. “Livingroom is not another ‘dinosaur,’ but a forward-thinking, open-minded agency. We take pride in being an independent network and our operations are encapsulated in our philosophy of ‘Living Young’.”

Impressing with their ability to punch above their weight through tailor-made strategies that have been highly successful in elevating the profiles of their clients, Livingroom’s most recent wins include Commercial Bank of Dubai, Lacnor, Japan Tobacco, Paris Gallery, Bridgestone and DTCM Digital; all secured in the last quarter of 2014. Livingroom’s new partners come on board to complement the agency’s existing array of clients, which include RTA, P&G, Nestle, Kellogg’s, Bacardi, Cartoon Network, among many others.

“Not only was it a good end of the year, it was a phenomenal way to start a new one. It only goes to prove how far hard work, perseverance and creativity can take you,” commented Danny Oneissi, Managing Partner of Livingroom.

Established in 2010, Livingroom’s targets that were set with careful planning and strategic implementation were achieved in its first five years of operations as they made a significant impression on the region’s creative marketing landscape. The agency has now drawn up a new set of benchmark accomplishments for the coming half decade. Included in their strategy leading up to 2020 are further growing their client portfolio, investing in their existing skills base, hiring new talent and expanding physically by opening new offices to develop the Livingroom network across the region.

“We are acutely aware that the next five years are extremely important for the UAE and Dubai in particular, with the city’s host of Expo 2020. The increase in marketing activity as we head towards this auspicious occasion will provide the bedrock of our expansion plans and growth for the next phase of our agency’s development,” added Oneissi. “The year after – 2021 – marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of the nation, another major date on the regional calendar. We fully anticipate celebrating our own list of achievements at this time along with those of the UAE,” he added.

Livingroom Proves it’s a Home to Big Name Brands

Livingroom Proves it’s a Home to Big Name Brands

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