Job Description

  • Telephone call screening and message communication in the right manner
  • Mail routing to people concerned within the Group
  • Database maintenance – confidential information on all group level matters to be retained at the owner’s office level, agreement copies of various business associates, correspondence files, business contact information and personal files of the bosses, retrieval of database without any delays
  • Optimum utility of office equipment/resources
  • Independent correspondence of the owners’ office
  • Follow up action on behalf of owners with internal/external customers for prompt action to their satisfaction
  • Interaction with CEO’s / various departments as per the requirements of the Board members
  • Travel arrangements of the owners and family members – Visas, travel bookings, hotel accommodation, as required from time to time. Taking care of the office requirements and keeping in touch with the bosses when they are travelling to apprise them and keep them updated on the day-to-day happenings in the office in their absence including mails, telephone calls etc.
  • Other miscellaneous responsibilities : Monitoring the performance of the office boys, kitchen boys, and guest car driver’s duties, Kitchen expense bill screening and approval, Taking care of the senior guests visiting the office locally and from overseas – visas, hotel arrangements, car pick up arrangements etc.
  • Personal – credit card, bank transactions, doctor appointments, cash book / account maintenance
  • Villa related activities UAE and London – needs on maintenance issues, employee related arrangements
  • Satisfying needs of all the needs of all family members– of different age group with different temperament and with various personal needs
  • Mail monitoring and routing to the concerned executive / department and keep also informed the Board on a need basis depending on the subject of the mail.
  • Updating Board on day to day affairs coming to our knowledge which are relevant to our business activities
  • Interfacing between Board and other executives – within UAE and overseas
  • Follow up on routine matters


  • Must possess excellent organizational skills; strong attention to detail; ability and flexibility to handle new tasks and shifting deadlines; and effective multi-tasking abilities
  • Must have excellent editing, proofreading, grammar, spelling, and outstanding communication skills, orally and in writing.
  • Expert MS Office proficiency, Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point (with high technical ability)
  • Experience making International and domestic travel arrangement preferred.


Experience: Min 10 years of experience in secretarial works.Must have worked as the secretory for CEOs Presidents or equivalent.

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Male Executive Secretary of the GM | Sharjah, UAE

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